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by Rodney O. Lain

Current Column

Watson, Sherlock, iMac & 'iApps' Still Catalyze Entrepreneuring Porno Purveyors, Redux - February 15th, 2002

Archived Columns

January 2002

New iMac Isn't Ugly, Compared To Intel's Vision Of The Future PC - January 18th, 2002

November 2001

A Shrugging Atlas: Sometimes I Wish for Armageddon, Sometimes I Wish Apple Would Go Out of Business - November 9th, 2001

September 2001

The Macintosh Is Still The 'Repressed Minority' Of The Computer Industry -- So What? - September 28th, 2001
The Virtue Of Not Giving A Damn: Getting Beyond Ideology, Money, Fame & Market Share - August 17th, 2001

July 2001

Here's Why You Should NOT Buy A G4 Cube - July 6th, 2001

June 2001

PocketPC vs. Palm, OS X vs. Windows XP, & The Industry's Ideological Dichotomy Of Software/Hardware Development - June 8th, 2001

May 2001

Rethinking Apple Stores, Rethinking Apple Marketing & Advertising - May 18th, 2001

April 2001

Aping ‘Babylon 5,' Copying ‘The Matrix,' & Mimicking The Macintosh - April 27th, 2001
The Coming Apocalypse: .NET & The End Of The Computing World As We Know It - April 6th, 2001

March 2001

I Will Be Vindicated: Apple Retail Store, Revisited - March 16th, 2001
#@$%, I'd Better Receive OS X On March 24, Not After - March 2nd, 2001

February 2001

Rodney Interviews Creator Of Netscape 6, 'Flower Power' Colors & The Mood-Ring iMac - February 22nd, 2001
Is Microsoft The 'Puffy Combs' Of The Computing Industry? Probably. - February 16th, 2001
A Paean To Machiavelli: Burned Bridges & Other High Costs Of Being A Visionary - February 2nd, 2001

January 2001

iDVD Brings Porno Movie-Making To The Common Man - January 16th, 2001
Making the Pilgrimage to Mecca (Cupertino) - January 5th, 2001

December 2000

Mac Daddy Psychoanalyzes George Clinton, Apple Spiffs & other Cupertino Flaws - December 19th, 2000
Should OS X Be Dumbed Down? - December 15th, 2000
Comics, Unix, Mac OS X & The Mythology Of The Impossible - December 1st, 2000

November 2000

Wanna appreciate your Mac? Try using a PC - November 6th, 2000

October 2000

Christian Heresy, Deutschman's 'hatchet job,' & My relationship with Apple - October 20th, 2000
Apple Needs More Than Its Own Store - October 6th, 2000


WTFM! - September 22nd, 2000

Rodney O. Lain is a junior manager at a major corporation. He enjoys public speaking, mentoring minority college students, and helping community multicultural-awareness efforts. He also "preaches the Gospel" at a Minneapolis Micro Center -- he's the bald black guy. Rodney "drives" a G4 Cube and a PowerBook G3. After enjoying a popular run at Mac, "iBrotha" was axed, to readers' dismay. Back by popular demand, it now runs exclusively at Mac Observer every other Friday, replacing "Rodney's Soapbox."

[Editor's Note: Rodney O.Lain passed away in June, 2002.]

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