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MacNutt #3
June 21st, 1999

A r c h i v e s

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Drew Janssen began his cartooning career at the tender age of 11, drawing comic strips to entertain his friends. He scavanged the mimeograph machines for paper, and did everything with his super-cool 4-color ballpoint pen. Teachers would mark him down for flipping over his tests & quizzes, and drawing cartoons on the back. Little did they know.....

In the late 70's, he bailed out of college to attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where he kept getting into trouble by turning every assignment into a cartoon regardless of subject. When the late great cartoonist, Fran Ford, took him aside and said, "Kid, you are doomed to be a cartoonist, so get used to it," the fog lifted and suddenly his future was clear. Unfortunately, few publications agreed, and so he turned himself to computers and accidentally became a programmer and tech-writer.

Fast-forward one decade, through a five-year Navy stint full of cartooning (and annoying the humorless), through a series of weird graphics jobs, and to the rise of the Internet. While working as VP of a regional ISP, Drew saw the Worldwide Web for the first time and had his second "epiphany." He could publish his cartoons himself and nobody could stop him! The rest, as they say, is history.

Drew lives in Baltimore, MD with his wife (a children's book illustrator) and four funny, talented kids who all cartoon.