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August 2006

Killer Software That’s Either Free or Inexpensive - August 25th, 2006
Audio Chatting Devices Compared & Contrasted - August 11th, 2006

July 2006

Mac User Groups Are Freakin' Awesome - July 21st, 2006

June 2006

Everybody's Gone Surfin': 8 Fun Sites - June 30th, 2006
June is Backup Awareness Month - June 16th, 2006

May 2006

Boot Camp: One Man's Opinion - May 26th, 2006
The Well-Equipped Road Warrior - May 19th, 2006

April 2006

The Skype is Falling, The Skype is Falling! - April 28th, 2006
StickyBrain: Like Having a Second Brain - April 14th, 2006

March 2006

Finally, a Fantastic iPod-in-the-Car System - March 31st, 2006
Pretzel Logic with a MacBook Pro... - March 17th, 2006
Easy to be Hard(ware) - March 3rd, 2006

February 2006

Path Finder: It's Like the Finder, Only Better... - February 17th, 2006
First (Big) Look at New Features in iLife '06 - February 10th, 2006

January 2006

GarageBand 3: First Look - January 20th, 2006
The Print Shop 2 for Mac ROCKS! - January 6th, 2006

December 2005

Free Stuff at the iTunes Music Store... - December 23rd, 2005
Who Kneads Spill Chicken? - December 2nd, 2005

November 2005

Up Close & Personal with the New iMac G5 - November 18th, 2005
Three System Preference Panes I'd Hate to Be Without - November 4th, 2005

October 2005

What I Like About Microsoft Word... - October 21st, 2005

September 2005

Put a Tiger (Woods) in Your Mac - September 30th, 2005

August 2005

Weekend Update(s): PlayDock MP3 & Isolator Earphones - August 19th, 2005
Here I Come to Save the Day (or, "Hands on with Mighty Mouse") - August 5th, 2005

July 2005

Two New Products That Make GarageBand Even Better - July 22nd, 2005
Ears to You: Five Sets of Earphones/Headphones Compared - July 1st, 2005

June 2005

Ultimate Gift Guide for Dads & Grads 2005 - June 18th, 2005

May 2005

Get Out and Vote (for products you want me to review) - May 27th, 2005

April 2005

Dr. Mac's Tiger Install Tips & Cool Widgets - April 29th, 2005
Quickies: Desktop Diversions, Part I - April 1st, 2005

March 2005

(More) Texas Hold 'Em Anyone? - March 11th, 2005
Apple's Setup Assistant Makes Life Easier - March 3rd, 2005

January 2005

What's New in GarageBand 2 - January 21st, 2005
Keep Your Mac Healthy and Happy in 2005 - January 7th, 2005

December 2004

Convenience is my Middle Name... - December 10th, 2004

November 2004

Listen Up! - November 29th, 2004
Nuggets™©®: Volume 1 - November 12th, 2004

October 2004

Why I Hate Apple Mice (and Trackpads) - October 29th, 2004
iMac G5 Review: The Director's Cut - October 15th, 2004
More Good Software, Still Cheap - October 1st, 2004

September 2004

Good Software, Cheap - September 17th, 2004
Poker on the Mac (Part II) - September 3rd, 2004

August 2004

Poker on the Mac (Part I) - August 20th, 2004
Mac Parenting in the Age of the Internet - August 8th, 2004

July 2004

Doing More With GarageBand (Again) - July 23rd, 2004
Why Microsoft Office Mac 2004 Scares Me - July 9th, 2004

June 2004

Drum Machines on Your Mac: Not for Drummers Only - June 25th, 2004
RAM Cram 101: How Much Memory Do You Need? - June 11th, 2004

May 2004

The Amazing GarageBandOke - May 21st, 2004

April 2004

Two Important Things Every Mac User Ought to Know - April 23rd, 2004
Troubleshooting Is My Middle Name - April 9th, 2004

March 2004

How To Improve GarageBand’s Performance On Your Mac - March 26th, 2004
EyeHome: A Must Have - March 12th, 2004

February 2004

Hoo Neads A Speeling Chicker? - February 27th, 2004
Sidebar - February 27th, 2004
To Be More Productive, Just Type Faster - February 13th, 2004

January 2004

Short Treatise On Mac T-Shirts I Treasure - January 30th, 2004
First Look: Hands-On With GarageBand - January 16th, 2004
When Things On Your Mac Do Cool Things You Didn’t Expect Them To… - January 2nd, 2004

December 2003

Saving Time, Saving Money - December 19th, 2003
Backup Regularly Or You'll Be Very Sorry Someday… - December 5th, 2003

November 2003

What Do You Do For Fun, Dr. Mac? - November 21st, 2003
How Safe Is YOUR Data? - November 7th, 2003

October 2003

A Rant To Microsoft, And A Rave About iTunes Goodies - October 24th, 2003
On Using An iPod Whilst Motoring In An Automobile… - October 10th, 2003

September 2003

How The iPod & iTunes Changed My Life - September 26th, 2003
Kernel Panics On A Sunday - September 12th, 2003

Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus has been a Macintosh user for a long, long time and has written 49 computer books including Mac OS X Tiger For Dummies and GarageBand for Dummies. He also offers expert technical help and training to Mac users, in real time and at reasonable prices, via telephone, e-mail, and/or unique Internet-enabled remote control software. For more information on Bob and his services, visit

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