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December 30th
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Monday, December 28th

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Abbott Systems Says Amnesty Program "Overwhelming"

Abbott Systems announced that their amnesty program has been overwhelming. Ealrier this month, Abbott Systems announced a program whereby users of their product CanOpener could register a copy of CanOpener with no questions asked. Users could then upgrade to the latest version of CanOpener, version 4.0 at the upgrade price.

"We've been deluged with CanOpener registration emails," said Ken Abbott, company president, "it's a great problem to have."

We asked Mr. Abbott how many registration requests they had received and he told The Mac Observer that they were comng in at a rate of nearly 250 per day, a very high number of registrants for shareware apps. According to Mr. Abbott:

"Many of them have taken the time to write notes to us in their e-mail registrations. It's been wonderful to have all these dedicated all these users aboard again! "

Abbott Systems has been rewarded too by this effort as many of the registrants have gone on to upgrade to version 4.0 at the upgrade price.

"We have people who bought CanOpener going all the way back to version 1.0 without registering it in the summer of 1989, almost 10 years ago!," said Mr. Abbott.

The amnesty program runs through February 28th, 1999.

Abbott Systems