August 31st, 1999

[1:10 PM]
Steve Jobs Interviewed On CNBC's Power Lunch
Steve Jobs, straight from the Seybold keynote speech, was interviewed today on CNBC's Power Lunch. Power Lunch is a program that focuses on different aspects of the stock market, with tech stocks often taking the spotlight.

Mr. Jobs basically reiterated several aspects of the keynote including the performance of the G4 and the specs on the Apple Cinema Display. The hosts of Power Lunch asked about future performance for Apple itself, but Mr. Jobs would not comment on that.

Mr. Jobs also talked about advanced orders for the iBook. He reiterated the fact that they have had 140,000 advance orders on the iBook which far surpassed their estimates. He also talked about how Japan should make advance orders even more spectacular once they start accpeting them.

CNBC was very favorable toward both Mr. Jobs, the new products, and Apple in general.