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January 1st
1:06 PM/CST


Friday, January 1st

[1:06 PM]
Bungie Releases New Myth II Demo
Bungie has released a new version of the demo for its new game Myth II. Version 1.1 of the Myth II demo can now be downloaded from Bungie's web site. Bungie had pulled the original demo due to problems with the PC uninstaller that could crash a PC hard drive under certain circumstances. There were no problems associated with the Mac uninstaller or with the game for either platform. In fact, the new Mac installer for the demo still installs version 1.0 of the game itself.

Bungie recalled the retail version of the game due to this same issue a day before it hit store shelves. Indeed some stores actually had it in stock, but would sell to Mac users, when it was recalled. All stores have since shipped the product back to Bungie.

The company has also included a tiny 15k patch for PC users who have already downloaded the 40 MB demo, or who have received the full retail version and just want to update what they already have.

The recall should delay the retail version from hitting the stores for two weeks from the recall date, which would place version 1.1 on store shelves right about January 12th.

Bungie - Myth II 1.1 Demo