November 12th, 1999

[12:30 PM] The iSpark: Another iMac Clock? (With Pic)
by Staff

We received a note from an Observer named Mark from Nice, France, who found another iMac inspired clock, of all things. Mark sent us the note after reading our story about a Timex branded iMac clock. That story generated a follow-up story as Observers sent us images of the product. This one is manufactured by a Taiwanese manufacturer called Golden Spark, which we will assume has a better meaning in Taiwan. According to Mark:

Just came across this little Taiwan made alarm clock. Reminds me of something...

It's made by Golden Spark, a Taiwan based electronics manufacturer (sparks not included in price...I hope!).

Thought you could be interested.

Mark (Nice-France)

Thanks for the letter and the image Mark!

The Mac Observer Spin: What is it with clock manufacturers that makes them want to make clocks shaped like an iMac? This one is not as elegant as the Timex manufactured device, but it's still nifty looking. It remains to be seen if Apple intends to do anything about this form of design theft.