August 20th, 1999

[9:15 AM]
Round 2: Apple Files Lawsuit Against eMachines
Apple has filed another lawsuit in what looks to be Round 2 in the iMac Knockoff battle. This time, Apple turns its sights on eMachines, the retailer of the eOne developed by SOTEC. According to Apple:

Apple® today filed a complaint against eMachines, Inc. for illegally copying the industrial design of Apple's award-winning iMac™ computer.

The complaint, filed in US Federal Court in San Jose, California, seeks to enjoin eMachines from distributing computers that illegally copy Apple's designs, and asks for actual and punitive damages resulting from such illegal conduct.

"There is an unlimited number of original designs that eMachines could have created for their computers, but instead they chose to copy Apple's designs," said Steve Jobs, Apple's interim CEO. "We've invested a lot of money and effort to create and market our award-winning computer designs, and we intend to protect them under the law."

Apple filed a similar lawsuit against Future Power and Daewoo on July 1, 1999.

The Mac Observer Spin: Apple is on less secure ground with this lawsuit than they are with the lawsuit against Future Power because the eOne is a less direct copy of the iMac in the first place. However, we are sure they know what they are doing. :-)

Our Editor has gone on record as saying that the iMac knockoffs are actually good for Apple, but as with any copyright, design, or trademark infringement, they are compelled to sue in order to maintain their rights. Not to mention, keeping these products that do tread on their copyrights, designs, and trademarks is a much safer path than hoping that they affirm Apple's leadership position.

Besides, eMachines represents much of what is wrong with the PC world in our humble opinion. :-)

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