July 2005

Cool Tips, Kudos for Bob, & a Review - July 31st

June 2005

Two Apps for Reading and Browsing - June 23rd

May 2005

The Bifocals Guide to RSS - May 26th

April 2005

Protecting Your Files from Prying Eyes - April 14th

March 2005

Six Mac Software Download Sites - March 31st
The Lost Password - March 8th

January 2005

Mac Help Scenarios I & II - January 31st
16 Days Without My Mac!?! - January 27th

December 2005

Puzzles & Solitaire Forever! - December 30th

November 2005

Nancy's (Alternate) Holiday Gift Guide - November 30th
Teaching 400(+) People to Use a Mac - November 18th

October 2005

Nancy's Guide to iChat (and Adium) - October 14th

September 2005

The Letter Bag - September 30th

More OS X System Preferences - September 23rd

August 2005

Avoiding Phishing Scams! - August 26th
Tiger System Preferences - August 12th

July 2005

Keep Frequently Used Disks Organized with Disk-it - July 29th|
Playing Dominoes On Your Mac - July 27th
A Crossword Game for your Mac - July 1st

May 2005

Nancy's Tiger Thoughts for the Bifocal Crowd - May 31st

April 2005

A (Near)-Complete List of Mac Keyboard Shortcuts - April 22nd

March 2005

Reader Questions & New Tips - March 28th
Four Cool Web Sites - March 18th

January 2005

Fancy Footwork with TextEdit - January 28th
More Tips and Hints for OS X - January 21st

December 2004

MacFamilyTree: Recommended Genealogy Software - December 30th
Get a New Mac? Erase Your Old One! - December 29th

November 2004

Software to Put Under the Tree, Part II - November 23rd
Software to Put Under the Tree, Part I - November 10th
Reader Letters: Help, Arrogance, & Weirdness - November 3rd

October 2004

Mariner Write: Word Processing for the Rest of Us - October 11th

September 2004

Announcing Nancy's Hints & Tips Book - September 14th

August 2004

Working With Font Book in Panther - August 26th

July 2004

Hints & Tips For Mac Apps - July 28th
Back to School, New Software, & a New Apple Store - July 22nd
The Final Mac Stories, Including the 87 Year Old Mac User - July 20th

May 2004

More Mac Stories - May 28th
Nancy's Mac Story Contest Winners - May 11th

April 2004

Nancy's (Over 50) Contest & Some Tips - April 9th

Another Good Book, & A Bad Multifunction Printer - March 10th

February 2004

How To Be A Graphic Designer Without Knowing How -- Sorta - February 17th

January 2003

Bookmarks, A Free Game, & A Database - January 22nd

Review: Old Fart's Guide To The Macintosh - December 22nd
It's All About The MUG, Zoom, & Rechargeable Batteries - December 15th

November 2003

Xmas Presents...For Yourself! - November 13th

October 2003

A Mouse With A Retractable Tail, Browser Tips, & Software Update - October 22nd

September 2003

Something Neat, Something Helpful, Something Weird, & Something New - September 26th

August 2003

Some Basic, Some Cool, & Some Handy Mac OS X Tips - August 19th

July 2003

The Bifocals Guide To The iTunes Music StoreJuly 2003 - July 25th

May 2003

Two Dandy OS X Apps, & Some Beginner OS X HintsMay 2003 - May 30th

April 2003

Getting Started With Mac OS X - April 18th

March 2003

Nancy's Basic Tips For Using Keynote - March 13th

January 2003

Impressions From My First Macworld - January 14th

December 2002

Getting Involved With A MUG - December 13th

November 2002

Hints & Strategies For Buying On eBay - November 15th
More Hints & Strategies For Selling On eBay, Part 2 - November 8th
Hints & Strategies For Selling On eBay - November 1st

October 2002

Things Nobody Remembered To Tell You - October 16th

August 2002

Basic Web Page Creation Tips - August 28th

July 2002

The Bifocal Guide To Mozilla Surfing - July 24th
A Compendium Of Information For New Users - July 11th

May 2002

Farewell To Kings: A Great Mac Card Game - May 29th
Creating Logos & Instant Messaging In OS X - May 22nd
Burning Files To CD, The Bifocals Way - May 15th

March 2002

iPhoto, The Bifocals Way - March 5th

January 2002

How I Got Burned Out Trying To Burn A CD - January 23rd

December 2001

What Happens When You Combine Gambling With A Board Game? Monopoly Casino - December 14th

November 2001

Games, Holiday Suggestions, & Learning A Basic The Hard Way - November 16th

October 2001

Another Mac Success Story - October 24th

September 2001

Nancy's Guide: How Do I Do That On A Mac/PC? - September 27th
A Day Late And A Dollar Short, But Running As Fast As I Can - September 13th

August 2001

Word Tips, Broadband Info, Removing Mac OS X, & More - August 31st
Nancy's Stats On Seniors & Their Macs - August 23rd

July 2001

Recommended Web Sites & The Further Adventures Of The Little Performa That Could - July 30th

June 2001

Cremation, Faulty E-mail, & Comics - Now How Is She Going To Pull All That Together? - June 20th

May 2001

Make Your Own Mah Jongg Tiles (Mac & Mac OS X) - May 16th
Commonly Used Terms Related To The Internet - Part II - May 9th
Commonly Used Terms Related To The Internet - Part I - May 2nd

April 2001

Nancy's Nifty Newbie JavaScript Web Tips - April 25th
Feedback On Reshaping The iMac Line & A Newbie Mac Radio Tip - April 18th
Reshaping The iMac For The Digital Hub - April 11th
Nancy's Mac Basics Quiz (& Cheat Sheet!) - April 5th

March 2001

OS X? What's That? Looking At OS X Through Bifocals - March 28th
My E-mail Is DOWN? The Apocalypse Has Begun... - March 21st
More Information About CD-R/W Disks & Some Browser Tips - March 14th
The In's & Out's & Do's & Don't's Of CD-R Media - March 7th

February 2001

Backing Up Computer Information - February 28th
A Mac Success Story - February 21st
Nancy's Guide To Mac Help Web Sites, Part II - February 14th
Nancy's Guide To Mac Help Web Sites, Part I - February 7th

January 2001

Mac Games For The Winter Blahs - January 31st
E-mail Basics, Part III: A Printable Guide For New Mac Users - January 24th
E-mail Basics, Part II: A Printable Guide For New Mac Users - January 11th
E-mail Basics: A Printable Guide For New Mac Users - January 3rd

December 2000

New Mac For Christmas? Printable Guide For New Mac Users - December 27th
Enough Mac (& Other) Holiday Links To Choke A Microsoft Exec - December 20th
Even More Shareware Games For You Or For Gifts - December 13th
Shareware Games Suggestions & More Tips For You - December 6th

November 2000

More Shortcuts & Other Reader Hints - November 29th
88 Keyboard Shortcuts & Commands, Part II - November 15th
Keyboard Shortcuts & Commands - November 8th
Date & Time & Other Helpful Hints - November 1st

October 2000

A Few More Tips For New Users - October 25th
Truck Driver: I Am Not Alone Because I Have My Mac Laptop - October 18th
Nancy's Guide To Internet/Web/Chat Abbreviations - October 12th
USB Peripherals & Adding A Forward Delete Key To Your iMac - October 6th

September 2000

Holiday Help, Lefty-Tips, & Cool Sites - September 27th
Images Through E-Mail, 22 Copies Of SimpleText, & Folders - September 20th
I Just Can't Help Myself - A Head Start on Holiday Ideas - September 13th
Reader Tips To Help Your Mac - September 6th

August 2000

Why Did My Computer Do That? - August 30th
ScrapIt Pro: A Handy Application For Your Mac - August 23rd
How A Group Of Strangers Sold A Mac At A Wedding - August 16th
Mike's Cards: A Great Mac Card Game - August 9th
Pay Attention Now, There Is Going To Be A Quiz
- August 2nd

July 2000

Cool Sites For Hot Weather - July 26th
I Gave my Daughter An iMac, & All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt
- July 19th
- July 12th
How To Add Attachments To Your E-Mail Messages
- July 6th

June 2000

Space: The Final Frontier & How You Can Help - June 28th
Odds, Ends, & Important Stuff
- June 22nd
Things I Learned To Do The Hard Way (I Had To Ask My Daughter)
- June 14h
iTools: A Great Tool For Beginners
- June 7th

May 2000

More Spiffy Web Page Tips - May 31st
Take Your Right To A Mac For Granted? The Mac In Poland
- May 24th
Make That Web Page Spectacular
- May 17th
In The Land Of Macintosh
- May 10th
Search Directory Tips & More On DVORAK Keyboards
- May 3rd

May 2000

Mouse Tips, iMac Updates, & A Great Typing Program - April 26th
Yet More About Lefties & A Web Site For New Users
- April 19th
Making Your Mac Desktop Look Bigger
- April 12th
Making Your Mac Desktop Look Bigger
- April 5th

April 2000

Downloads, Fonts, & Reader Comments - March 29th
Two Great Mac Success Stories
- March 22nd
For Your Parents: How To Make Your Cursor Big
- March 16th
A Must Have Application For Anyone Who Uses Images
- March 8th
Tips, Short Cuts, And The Occasional Miracle
- March 1st

February 2000

Having Fun With Sound - February 23rd
OneApp Slide Show Reviewed & More On Computer Eye Strain
- February 17th
Working With Icons & Avoiding Physical And Eye Strain
- February 9th
PDF Files & Online Tax Forms
- February 1st

January 2000

More On Mac Chess, Parental Computers, And What Are Cookies? - January 26th
Tips For Getting Your Parents To Want To Use A Computer
- January 19th
Chess And Your Macintosh
- January 12th
Basic Computer Skills and Fun with MacBrickout!
- January 5th

December 1999

A Capacious Catalog Of Computer Tips - December 29th
Goodbye, Old Friend
- December 22nd
Giving Your Parents A Mac? Print This Out For Them!
- December 15th
Useful Apps For Your Mac
- December 8th
CopyPaste: A Godsend For Power Users & Novices Alike
- December 1st

November 1999

More Tips For Mac Novices - November 24th
Update: The Septuagenarian Computer Novice And His iMac
- November 17th
Computer Pioneers III: Kay, Gates, Jobs, & Woz
- November 10th
Computer Pioneers II: Hewlett, Packard, and Cray
- November 3rd

October 1999

A Guide To Computer Pioneers - October 27th
Nancy's Web Tips For The Holidays
- October 20th
Tips For The Web
- October 14th
Sending HTML Files Through E-mail
- October 6th

September 1999

Looking at Hacking From Both Sides - September 29th
Using VersionMaster To Find Mac Programs
- September 22nd
Building An Easy Web Page III, Adding Extras
- September 15th
Building An Easy Web Page II, Basic HTML
- September 8th
Building An Easy Web Page
- September 2th

August 1999

Two More Auction Sites Reviewed - August 25th
Two Mac Success Stories From Real-Life
- August 18th
Solitaire Games Reviewed and Venturing Into Auctions on the Net
- August 11th
Macintosh Computers – The Great Equalizer
- August 4th

July 1999

Review: Print Explosion 1.0, A Mac-Only Graphics App For Consumers - July 28th
I Got My Photos Back on a CD! Now What Do I Do?
- July 21st
Mac Battery 101 And Other Basic Tips
- July 14th
Mac Activities For A Hot Summer Afternoon
- July 7th

June 1999

More About Slides and Help on Adjusting Memory - June 30th
More Great Game For Your 68K Mac
- June 25th
A Man and His Machine - The Dilemma of a First Time User
- June 16th
Games You Can Play On Your 68K Mac
- June 9th
How To Create A Slide Show
- June 2nd

May 1999

Computer Viruses and What To Do With Them - May 28th
Making Tool Bars And Launchers Work For You
- May 19th
Beginners: How To Make Tables With ClarisWorks (AppleWorks)
- May 12th
My Must-Have Tips For Your Mac
- May 5th

April 1999

A Hunting We Will Go - April 28th
How Norton Utilities Saved My Mac/More Y2K
- April 21st
Make Your Mac Work For You
- April 14th
A Mac Y2K Primer For The Novice
- April 7th

March 1999

Get A Fax Without A Fax/Modem - March 31st
A Guide To Making A Will Online
- March 24th
A Beginner's Guide To Internet Mac Shopping, Part II
- March 17th
A Beginner's Guide To Internet Mac Shopping, Part I
- March 10th
Give This To Your Parents: Search Engine Searching Explained
- March 3rd

February 1999

Start Up Sounds On Your Mac - February 24th
Apparently Some Of You Can Do Some Things Better Than Me
- February 17th
Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better.. I Can Do Anything Better Than You...
- February 10th
Pitfalls, Pratfalls, and Dumb Luck, Part II
- February 3rd

January 1999

Pitfalls, Pratfalls, and Dumb Luck, Part I- January 27th
Floppy This! A Guide To A Virtual Floppy
- January 20th
Keeping Up With Friends And Family
- January 14th
How The PC Dragon Stole My Magic Mac Kingdom
- January 6th

December 1998

Adding Pictures To Your Documents- December 30th
The Further Adventures of Stuffit and an Introduction to GraphicConverter
- December 23rd
Making Stuffit A Little Less Stuffy
- December 16th
What to Give, What to Give?
- December 9th
Odds, Ends, and Accouterments
- December 2nd

November 1998

AOL Vs. A Local ISP- November 25th
How to Use Your Mac to Facilitate an Old Fashioned Holiday
- November 18th
How to Use Your Mac to Keep Up With Your Government
- November 11th
Demo's, Shareware, and Freeware. Oh My!
- November 4th

October 1998

Of Children And Experts- October 28th
Creating Family Trees
- October 21st
Trivial Thoughts From Me-Worthy Thoughts From Readers
- October 14th
Software For Fun And Profit
- October 7th

September 1998

Searching On The Net And Other Mac Adventures- September 30th
The Top Ten Reasons I Like My Macintosh
- September 23rd
Finding People On The Net (With Your Mac)
- September 16th
My First Mac Was A Typewriter
- September 9th