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May 10th, 1999

[2:15 PM] WWDC Coverage: MacOS X Client And The Wrap-up
by Bryan Chaffin

Our coverage of the Keynote at the WWDC continues with news on MacOS X Client. Read more, including three more screenshots from the OS in the Full Story!

Mac OS X Client

  • MacOS X Client will have the same core as OS X Server, otherwise known as Darwin
  • It will have protected memory, preemptive multitasking, and multithreading
  • 20,000 developers registered for MacOS X
  • The core is open source.
  • Apple is posting a binary image of darwin on the web (free) today, completely pre-built.
  • "Classic" Environment runs existing Mac Apps without any modifications (used to be "Blue Box").
  • "Carbon" Environment, allows you to recompile and cleanup existing apps (very easily for developers) and then gives all "Carbonized" apps access to all the new memory (protected memory, etc.)
  • "Cocoa" Environment, new environment - object oriented for writing java apps


  • Quartz is a windowing system built on top of Darwin.
  • Completely built on PDF, native imaging model and windowing system on the Mac.
  • built-in anti-aliasing, transparency, drop shadows, all real-time built into the imaging system.

In this screenshot, Phil Schiller typed in the word "Clouds" and the built-in imaging system applied shadows and shading as he typed.

New Finder for "Carbonized" apps, similar to the NextStep interface (one scrolling window). Chooser goes away, everything else is supposed to be "the same." Everything is accessed the same way. When you click on a file, you see a preview or thumbnail, and "Get Info" data immediately.

(new MacOS X Client "finder")

MacOS X will include a new, native, "great" e-mail client in the operating system. One windowed view, supports inserted images, PDF data, etc. Searching is performed on the fly WHILE you type (within messages and even within PDF files).

(new e-mail app screenshot)

MacOS X will be released in early '00 (less than a year away!)

Apple has put together a Developer CD-ROM called DP1 that is available TODAY! Developers will be able to pick them up as they leave the Keynote Speech. With DP1 they can start carbonizing their apps right away .DP2 available Fall '99.


3rd year in a row that they have the same senior VP of software at Apple! NO changes from software strategy from last year... this is good for developers!

The Mac Observer Spin: This certainly is good for developers, but it is also great for Mac users. All kinds of good news, and none of it should be underestimated. We will present an editorial summation of the Keynote shortly.

A Mac Observer Report:
Apple's World Wide Developer Conference 1999

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