AAC Converting Utility Updated With 3GPP Support

Ovolab has released an update for AAChoo, bringing it to version 1.2. AAChoo is a utility designed for converting MP3 music files to the new AAC audio format. The update adds support for the 3GPP audio format. According to Ovolab:

Ovolab(tm) today released version 1.2 of Ovolab AAChoo(tm), its full-featured AAC converter.

Ovolab AAChoo easily converts all your MP3 songs to AAC, the new high-quality compact audio format at the core of MPEG-4.

With a simple drag-and-drop interface and complete control over every encoding parameter, Ovolab AAChoo can rip any audio file or movie soundtrack into MPEG-4 format.

AAC technology offers the best-sounding audio on the Internet and Ovolab AAChoo will allow every music maniac to quickly convert his entire library, keeping song tags and folder hierarchies unaltered, as well as automatically updating the iTunes Music Library.

The new version adds support for encoding audio, video and other media to 3GPP format. 3GPP is the new worldwide standard for sharing multimedia content between 3G cell phones, PDAs and computers.

This feature seamlessly integrates with the AAC encoding features of Ovolab AAChoo, which sports a simple drag-and-drop interface and complete control over every encoding parameter.

You can find more information about the AAChoo update at the Ovolab Web site. AAChoo is available for US$15.00.

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