About The Mac Observer

The Genesis of The Mac Observer

Visionaries Dave Hamilton and Bryan Chaffin launched The Mac Observer in December 1998, and it quickly became a key source for Apple news, especially during the era when Steve Jobs led Apple to new heights. Going back to its roots, The Mac Observer’s legacy includes the acquisition of Webintosh, an Apple-focused platform founded by Dan Hughes.

Over the years, The Mac Observer has become a favorite source for the latest Apple news and a gathering spot for Apple enthusiasts, particularly with our podcast channel that started in 2016. Although our iconic podcasts like Mac Geek Gab, Media+, The Apple Context Machine, and The Mac Observer’s Daily Observations ended in 2023, our commitment to sharing reliable and insightful content remains as strong as ever.

In 2021, Dr. Serhat Kurt, the esteemed Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Educational Technology and a well-regarded academic, assumed leadership, bringing with him a wealth of experience as an editor and scholar. Then, in December 2022, Reflector Media acquired The Mac Observer, adding it to their portfolio of respected websites.

The Mac Observer Today

Now, as part of Reflector Media, a leading digital media group with about 30 million monthly page views, we are connecting with more Apple fans than ever before. Our mission stays the same: to be the go-to platform for all things Apple, providing millions of readers with the most accurate and comprehensive insights into the Apple universe.

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