Apple Unveils 2021 Pride Watch Bands and Faces

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Apple Watch Pride Band 2021

Apple revealed its Apple Watch Pride bands for 2021 – a Braided Solo Loop for US$99 and Nike Edition Sport Loop for US$49.

Official Trailer for Prince Harry, Oprah Apple TV+ Series Emerges

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The official trailer for Oprah and Prince Harry’s Apple TV+ series about mental health has emerged. It gives a hint at the range of voices that will appear in The Me You Can’t See. The show itself premieres on May 21. The trailer was still ‘unlisted’ on YouTube at the time of this writing, but MacRumors had spotted it!

Passwords, Mesh WiFi, Quick Tips, and More — Mac Geek Gab 871

· John F. Braun & Dave Hamilton · Mac Geek Gab Podcast

You like tech? Wanna learn more? Listen as John and Dave answer your questions about what to get, how to set it up, how to fix it, and more! Of course, they round out the episode with some Quick Tips, Cool Stuff Found, and some productivity tools, too. Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things!

Apple TV+ Recap - Iconic Book Characters as Seen in 'Ghostwriter'

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New episodes of Ghostwriter are now available on Apple TV+. A video was also released on Friday recapping some of the iconic book characters that have already appeared in the series. They include The White Rabbit from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Mowgli from The Jungle Book.

Dealing With CAPTCHAs Costs Humanity 500 Years Per Day

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Example of CAPTCHA

Cloudflare wants to kill CAPTCHAs and replace them with security keys like YubiKey.

Based on our data, it takes a user on average 32 seconds to complete a CAPTCHA challenge. There are 4.6 billion global Internet users. We assume a typical Internet user sees approximately one CAPTCHA every 10 days.

This very simple back of the envelope math equates to somewhere in the order of 500 human years wasted every single day — just for us to prove our humanity.

Why Putting macOS on iPad is a Bad Idea

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macOS on iPad

Since the introduction of the M1 chip to various iPad models, there has been lots of talk about replacing iPadOS with macOS. One person who is not a fan of this idea is Ed Hardy. He explained why at Cult of Mac.

No matter that Macs and iPads run on the same chip. macOS isn’t designed for a touchscreen. Apple would need to redesign the operating system to run on a tablet, and devs would need to alter third-party applications, too. And that would anger people using non-touchscreen laptops and desktops. Plus, people happy with the iPad now wouldn’t like the change either.

Apple’s Newest Arcade Recommendation is ‘Fantasian’

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Fantasian is a game on Apple Arcade from the creator of Final Fantasy. It’s a new RPG set against a backdrop made from over 150 handmade dioramas that blends physical environments and 3D characters. Players will assume the role of protagonist, Leo, who awakens from a massive explosion only to find himself lost in a strange land with only one memory left to him. As players set out on a journey to reclaim Leo’s memories, they will unravel the mysteries of the bizarre mechanical infection slowly engulfing all that is known to mankind.

Apple’s Newest Arcade Recommendation is ‘Fantasian’

This Power Bank's 65W PD, Multiple Ports & 20,000mAh Battery Capacity Lets You Charge Three Devices Simultaneously: $149.99

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Ultimate Charger

We have a deal on the Ultimate Charger, a 20,00mAh portable power bank that lets you charge up to three devices simultaneously, and that includes a MacBook. You can also charge the Ultimate Charger itself via USB-C, in addition to Lightning or micro USB. It also features an aluminum housing. It’s $149.99 through our deal.

Texan Man Imprisoned For Apple Store Thefts in Multiple States

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Apple Store Little Rock Arkansas

Jalek Ingram, a 20-year-old  man from Texas, has been given two-year in prison for his links to thefts at  Apple Stores in various states. These included shoplifting 25 iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads from the retail outlet in Little Rock, Arkansas, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Sentencing papers filed Thursday show Jalek Ingram received a total of three years in prison after pleading guilty to theft and commercial burglary for the March 2018 Apple store theft for a two-year term, with an additional year in prison for a second-degree battery charge stemming from his role in beating a fellow jail inmate unconscious last November. Three other men are charged in the Apple thefts while three other jail inmates, including two murder suspects, are accused in the attack on Marcus Lorenzo Daniels of Crawfordsville about 1½ weeks before Thanksgiving.

Examining the Boot Process for M1 Macs

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Mac mini

Howard Oakley recently dove into the boot process for M1 Macs and how it affects booting from an external hard drive.

Unless the user has already changed its default security settings to allow it to start up from an external disk, you’ll have no joy whatsoever. Although this is secure, it’s also more than inconvenient, as the times that you most need your Mac to start up from an external disk are when it’s in trouble with its internal disk, and that’s likely to prevent you from changing its security settings, leaving your Mac dead.