Apple and Live Events – TMO Daily Observations 2021-07-26

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Charlotte Henry and Bryan Chaffin join host Kelly Guimont to discuss Apple’s return to the NAB show, and what shape this year’s iPhone event might take.

Paramount+ and Showtime Apple TV Bundle Seems to be Ending

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Users are reporting that they are seeing billing issues when trying to pay for their Paramount+ and Showtime Apple TV+ bundle, according to AppleInsider. The suggests that the deal is coming to an end. U.S. users can though get Paramount+ free for a month on Apple TV.

Users on Reddit have reported billing errors, where the usual $9.99 fee for the bundle failed to renew. A check of the subscription in their account shows the bundle as “expired,” and non-accessible. In one case, a customer contacted Apple support and was informed their card was declined. However, on checking with their bank, it seems the payment was sent through, then Apple refunded it. Another Reddit user was informed by a senior supervisor of Apple’s support that it was a “special offer for 1 year” rather than a permanent bundle.

Anthony Joshua is The Latest Star Featured on Apple Fitness+ Time to Walk

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British boxer Anthony Joshua is the latest star to feature as part of the Apple Fitness+ ‘Time to Walk’ workout series. The Olympic champion and two-time heavyweight world champion talks about how he got into the sport and the benefits of being vulnerable during a walk in north London. His musical selections are ‘Fantasy’ by Earth, Wind & Fire, ‘Inner City Blue’ by Marvin Gaye, and ‘Mastermind’ by Nas. The episode is available to subscribers on Apple Watch now.

DIY Automation, CarPlay, RAID, and More! — Mac Geek Gab 882

· John F. Braun & Dave Hamilton · Mac Geek Gab Podcast

Sometimes the easy way isn’t the fun way, and this week we’ve got lots of do-it-yourself solutions to share from all of you. Listen as John and Dave share your ideas about automation, launch agents, CarPlay, drive arrays and much more. Of course, it wouldn’t be MGG without your two favorite geeks sharing Quick Tips, Cool Stuff Found, and their answers to all your other questions, would it? Listen, learn five new things, and don’t get caught!

T-Mobile Test Drive

· Dave Hamilton & John F. Braun · Video Tip

Have You Heard Of T-Mobile’s Test Drive? Through the Network Test Drive app on iOS, you can test the T-Mobile network for free for up to 30 days or 30GB of LTE data, whichever comes first. You won’t leave your current carrier and you won’t lose your existing phone number. Listen to the video below and learn more here

YouTuber Takes Apart Apple’s New MagSafe Battery Pack

· Andrew Orr · Cool Stuff Found

YouTube channel ChargerLAB posted a video on Thursday showing the insides of Apple’s MagSafe battery pack. It shows a dual-cell battery design as well as some of the heat dissipation technology it uses. “Hello everyone, welcome back to ChargerLAB. We all know that Apple has released the MagSafe battery pack for iPhone 12 series. We bought it immediately after it began to sell. So, today, we gonna bring the teardown of this latest apple’s power bank to you.”

New Public Sculpture Coming to Apple Park Visitor’s Center

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Mirage at Apple Park

There’s a new public sculpture coming to the Apple Park Visitor’s Center. It is called ‘Mirage’ and will be created by Katie Paterson and Zeller Moye. Ms. Paterson described the work, which will be installed next year, in a blog post:

Mirage blends art, architecture, science and nature. It will have strong material presence, connecting to the elements. Social and connective, it will create an unexpected gathering place for visitors and staff. The glass columns are glimpsed through the trees from the Visitor Center, the highway and beyond, generating a sense of discovery.

[Image credit: Katie Paterson and Zeller & Moye]

‘Jetpack Joyride+’ Makes its Debut on Apple Arcade

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Popular game Jetpack Joyride has returned, this time to Apple Arcade. From the same studio that created Fruit Ninja, this “plus” version brings features like bullet-powered jetpacks, giant mechanical dragons, birds that shoot money, and more.

‘Jetpack Joyride+’ Makes its Debut on Apple Arcade