Photographer Heaps Praise on iPhone 11 Pro Camera

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Austin Mann iPhone 11 Pro

Photographer Ausin Mann could not wait to get his hands on a new iPhone 11 Pro and test the camera. His conlcusion following a trak in China with the device? “If you are a serious photographer, get a Pro.” He explained why in a blogpost, which also contained some stunning pictures (including the one featured on this article).

The addition of any new lens is a pretty big deal. You might remember my excitement when we gained the “telephoto” 51mm lens with the iPhone 7 Plus, and today I’m just as thrilled to be putting an entirely new Ultra Wide lens in my pocket. It gives us another format to tell the story, another perspective to visualize, and a better rounded tool for doing our best creative work. I’ve had a blast shooting with the new Ultra Wide on iPhone 11 Pro in all kinds of scenarios here in China.

TouchRetouch Update Makes it Universal

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TouchRetouch is my app of choice for quick retouching of photos. By “retouching” I mean this app is for removing objects from your photos. The latest version now makes it available on the iPad, so you don’t have to use the separate “TouchRetouch for iPad.” But that’s not the only feature that was added today: Implemented a new image picker; Added a possibility to return to the place in the gallery where the last selected photo was located; Added the Paste Image feature to the image picker; Redesigned the Export menu; Added the “Open a new photo” option to the Export menu; Made the app universal; Made the tools slicker to ensure smoother editing experience; Improved compatibility with Display P3; Optimized for Dark Mode; Added support for 360° photos lacking some EXIF data; Added support for transparent PNG images; Fixed a blank screen issue arising when selecting a corrupted RAW file; Fixed an issue causing the app to quit when editing large photos (18 MP) in the TouchRetouch extension to Photos; Added support for Dynamic Type, so now the app can adjust to the preferred font size; Added support for Turkish; Changed a .jpeg file extension to .jpg. App Store: TouchRetouch – US$1.99

Mark Zuckerberg Heads back to Washington D.C. for Dinner with Senators

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On Wednesday, Axios exclusively revealed that  Mark Zuckerberg was set to return to Washington D.C. The site later reported that the Facebook CEO dined with senators Thursday evening. It was his first visit to the city since his high profile hearings on Capitol Hill.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed election security and privacy with a group of senators over dinner ahead of his return to Capitol Hill Thursday, said a spokesperson for Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), who organized the meeting. Warner’s spokesperson said in a statement emailed to Axios that he organized Wednesday’s dinner at Facebook’s request. “The participants had a discussion touching on multiple issues, including the role and responsibility of social media platforms in protecting our democracy, and what steps Congress should take to defend our elections, protect consumer data, and encourage competition in the social media space.”

Babbel Language Learning 1-Year Subscription: $69

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We have a deal on a 1-year subscription for Babbel Language Learning. You can choose from 14 languages to learn, practice with 10-15 minute bite-sized lessons, and it uses speech recognition technology to keep your pronunciation on point. 1 year through our deal is $69. There’s also a 2-year option for $99.

Apple Moves to Trademark 'Slofie'

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Apple wants to trademark ‘slofie’, it’s term for slow-motion video clips you can now take with iPhone 11.

Apple has applied to the USPTO for a trademark on the term “Slofie” in terms of “downloadable computer software for use in capturing and recording video.” Don’t worry, it’s not trying to own the cultural landscape — rather, this is largely to prevent app developers and phone makers from ‘borrowing’ the term for their own features.

At least Apple isn’t trying to pull an Ohio State University, which was recently denied its effort to trademark the word “the.”

California Governor Signs AB5 Bill Into Law Protecting Gig Workers

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AB5 is a bill that could one day give full employee status to gig workers from companies like Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash. Today, California’s governor signed it into law.

While a major victory for the organized labor movement in California and in the U.S. broadly, the passing of AB5 is by no means a guarantee drivers in the state will become employees. Drivers or individual cities will need to challenge these businesses in court to apply the aforementioned ABC test, and Uber has already adopted an offensive posture in that regard, claiming that drivers are not core to the company’s business model—one of the stipulations of the ABC test.

Drivers in a ride-sharing company are not core to Uber’s business model. Wow.

Facebook Launches New Surveillance Devices For Your Home

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Today Facebook launched Portal video chatting devices that definitely won’t be used to spy on you and your loved ones. They will let Facebook users watch television together over a video call. Andrew Bosworth, VP of AR/VR at Facebook, said:

I think that in a couple years’ time, if you have a smart streaming device that doesn’t have a camera allowing you to video call people, you’re not going to have a competitive product. I think this is the killer feature for a device like this.

Bosworth also touted privacy protections like local processing of smart features on the devices, which means most user data will not be sent back to Facebook servers.