FoldersSynchronizer for Mac: Lifetime Subscription

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FoldersSynchronizer for Mac

We have a deal on FoldersSynchronizer for Mac, a Mac utility that synchronizes and backs-up files, folders and disks. You choose one or more pairs of files, folders or disks then FS will synchronize or backup those exactly. It works on Intel and Apple M1 Macs, and a lifetime subscription is $14.99 through our deal.

HBO Working With Apple to Fix HBO Max Apple TV App Issues

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HBO Max logo

Earlier this week the HBO Max app for Apple TV was updated and caused a number of issues. For example features as “What did she say?” and touching the D-pad/trackpad to bring up the timeline while playing content no longer worked. ScreenTimes reported that HBO is ow aware of “some” of the issue and working with Apple to get them fixed.

This new version, while seemingly containing no updates to the gallery UI, has replaced the standard tvOS playback UI with HBO’s own version… The bottom line is, the viewing experience in the HBO Max app is now horrifically bad and almost unusable unless you’re planning just to play and pause. If you need to do anything else, don’t get your hopes up. Ironically, the notes for the update are “A smoother streaming experience is waiting for you with a focus on bug fixes and performance improvements”.

White House Drops Trump TikTok Ban Order

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TikTok logo

The White House has dropped executive orders announced under the presidency of Donald Trump that sought to ban popular apps like TikTok.

Cryptee Updates With Line Spacing, Quick Document Access

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Cryptee Updates With Line Spacing

Encrypted storage provider is back with updates like remembering encryption keys, quick access to recent documents, and line spacing in documents.

We’re slowly getting ready to release our paper-mode for Cryptee Docs. It will allow you to work print-accurately on popular paper sizes like A4 / U.S. Letter etc, much like your favorite rich text editors like Microsoft Word™. But we thought perhaps we can release some of these paper-specific features ahead of time.

Get a First Glimpse of 'The Morning Show' Season Two and More in Apple TV+ Summer Preview

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A newly released summer 2021 preview video gives a first look at The Morning Show season two. It looks to me like Jennifer Aniston’s Alex Levy leaves/has left the breakfast program, although no doubt there is much to play out! Other forthcoming shows and movies are also seen, including Coda, and season two of See. Ted Lasso is in there too, of course. Other items pictured, including Cherry and Palmer have long been available to subscribers. However, it all gives a hint that some announcements and launches could be imminent.

WaterField Introduces 'Packable Backback' for Travelers

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WaterField kicks off its Packable Bag Month with the first of four community-designed packable travel bags: the Packable Backpack. Over 1,000 survey participants asked for an ultralight, comfortable, packable bag that folds down small, feels substantial enough to use every day, and doesn’t look like a packable bag. Devices in a protective sleeve that can fit in the main compartment; 16″ MacBook Pro, 13″ MacBook Pro; 12.9″ iPad Pro, 11″ iPad Pro, 10.9″ iPad Air; Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lit. At just 12 oz., the backpack packs into its own pocket and is comfortable and functional for both travel or every day use. It’s available to purchase for US$129.

WaterField Introduces ‘Packable Backback’ for Travelers

Fujifilm Fights Ransomware Attack and Works to Restore Servers

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fujifilm camera

Fujifilm was hit by a ransomware attack last week but refuses to pay the ransom. Instead, it’s working to restore its servers with backups.

On 4 June it confirmed a ransomware attack was affecting a “specific network” in Japan and that it shut down “all networks and server systems” while it investigated the “extent and scale” of the attack.

Fujifilm said it would not comment on the amount demanded by the ransomware gang. The company has started bringing its network, servers, and computers in Japan “back into operation” and is aiming to be fully up and running “this week”. It has also restarted some product deliveries, which were particularly hard hit by the cyberattack.

WWDC 2021: Apple Will (Share)Play Nicely With Others — Media+

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There was almost no mention of Apple’s media offering during the WWDC 2021 keynote – less, even, than in the years when Apple was not in the media and content space. Kelly Guimont joins host Charlotte Henry to discuss this and things that were announced, such as SharePlay.

'RockYou2021' is the Biggest Password Leak Ever (So Far)

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Someone posted a 100GB text file to a hacking forum recently. It contains 8.4 billion entries of passwords from data leaks and breaches.

Considering the fact that only about 4.7 billion people are online, numbers-wise the RockYou2021 compilation potentially includes the passwords of the entire global online population almost two times over. For that reason, users are recommended to immediately check if their passwords were included in the leak.

“Two times over” sounds like it’s a combination of old and new passwords alike. It’s also good to point out that no usernames or email addresses were included, so an attacker wouldn’t be able to do much with this password list.

WWDC 2021 Day One Recap

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Every day this week Apple is posting an update from WWDC 2021. The first, presented by Serenity Caldwell, focuses on the keynote and the previews of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey, and watchOS 8, as well as the new APIs and other features. There was a lot to take in, so it serves as a nice reminder.