The Coolest Space Images of the Week

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Galactic ring

Here are Digg’s coolest space images for the week of September 8. Notable: “Astronomers have used NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory to discover a ring of black holes or neutron stars in a galaxy 300 million light years from Earth. This ring, while not wielding power over Middle Earth, may help scientists better understand what happens when galaxies smash into one another in catastrophic impacts.”

EU's Article 11 and Article 13 Approved

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The EU’s Article 11 and Article 13 have been approved, and critics say they will be catastrophic.

The fallout from this decision will be far-reaching, and take a long time to settle. The directive itself still faces a final vote in January 2019 (although experts say it’s unlikely it will be rejected). After that it will need to be implemented by individual EU member states, who could very well vary significantly in how they choose to interpret the directive’s text.

What I find particularly concerning is something called a “link tax.”  It means there could be a fee on sharing hyperlinks to various news articles online. This is targeted at news aggregators (mainly Google News) because it links to stories with snippets. TechDirt has more information, and there’s a website called SaveTheLink to sign a petition.

Pay What You Want for the Ultimate Mac Bundle

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The Ultimate Mac Bundle

We have a new Pay What You Want deal called The Ultimate Mac Bundle. The bundle includes 10 apps. Pay anything, even a penny, and get one of those apps. Beat the average price ($8.73 as of this writing), and you get all ten. If you beat the leader’s price, you’ll be entered into a giveaway for an electric scooter.

People Have Been Experiencing Disappearing iTunes Movies

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I’ve been seeing reports and reading peoples’ experiences today complaining about disappearing iTunes Movies. The reason? The studio behind them is removing them from the Canadian version of the iTunes Store.

As da Silva and others have pointed out before, the “Buy” button in digital stores is, at best, mislabeled. You cannot truly buy any digital thing online; you can only rent it, and any online video store is little more than an expensive, glorified, extremely convenient Blockbuster. In conclusion, let’s go back to DVDs. We have requested comment from Apple and will update if we hear back.

The problem is that digital ownership isn’t the same as physical ownership. Despite using a “Buy” button, it can still be argued that you’re renting it. They can remove your iTunes Movies, but not your physical DVDs.

Tim Cook Positions Privacy as Apple's Best Product

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Under Tim Cook’s leadership, privacy is Apple’s best product.

In 2018, no issue is more important than user privacy–or the lack of it. We’re tracked by private industry on an unprecedented scale…If you want to be part of this world, designed by advertisers and tech giants, you must relinquish your right to privacy…Well, unless you use Apple’s products.

I’ve been banging this drum for a while now. Privacy is the main differentiator between Apple and its competitors. Non-tech people who hold an iPhone Xs and an Android flagship aren’t going to notice differences in screen, CPU speed, camera specs, etc. But if you tell them that Apple products are more private, then you may have sold a product.

New Video Shows iPhone XS Camera is Bonkers Good

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The camera technology in the iPhone XS looks pretty impressive, and Apple has a video showing off some of what it can do with video. The video shows off the slow motion, time lapse, and 4K features in a little under a minute. You get to see how the shots were set up along with the footage they capture. It’s beautiful and makes me want to get my hands on an iPhone XS right now instead of on September 21st when deliveries start.

iOS 11: How to Use Smart Invert

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iOS 11

The iPhone and iPad’s accessibility features offer a sort of “dark mode” that’ll invert the colors on your screen without messing with images and other media. It’s awesome for those who have trouble viewing iOS devices using the default color scheme, but it’s also handy to make your screen less bright in the dark!