Preorder Adobe Photoshop Camera Today

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Adobe Photoshop Camera is available to preorder today on the App Store. It’s a new app from the company that gives you cool effects powered by machine learning. Add tons of filters and lenses inspired by famous artists and influencers. You’ll get content-aware recommendations, portrait controls, and social network sharing built in. “Photoshop Camera is packed with amazing AI-powered features that help you take gorgeous selfies, food and scenery shots, and more. Quick fixes like auto-tone and portrait control mean you can create high-quality photos with a simiple tap or swipe of your finger.”

Preorder Adobe Photoshop Camera Today

Apple Shares Trailer for ‘Dear...’ Series

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Apple TV shared a trailer on YouTube for its upcoming documentary series called “Dear…”. It was inspired by the Apple Watch campaign where people read a letter on how the wearable impacted their lives. The series will have 10 episodes and feature stars like Oprah Winfrey, Stevie Wonder, Gloria Steinem, and others. “Inspired by Apple’s groundbreaking “Dear Apple” ad for the Apple Watch, Dear… is an inventive approach to biographies of the influential people who are shaping culture and society today using letters that fans have written to them. Dear… focuses on key moments from subjects’ lives and their work that has profoundly impacted not only the individuals who have written letters, but the world at large.”

Spotify Employees Can Work From Home Until 2021

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Spotify logo

Spotify became the latest company to tell employees they can work from home until 2021, Music Business Worldwide reported. It joins other major tech firms in taking such a decision.

MBW understands that a memo went out earlier today (May 21) explaining that SPOT is following local guidelines on the re-opening of its offices during the current pandemic, and will be taking a “phased approach” on the matter. As part of this strategy, the company has informed its employees that they can individually decide with “full discretion” whether or not to return to company workspaces before next year. According to its latest annual fiscal report, Spotify employed 4,405 people on a full-time basis worldwide in 2019, with 2,121 in the United States and 1,437 in Sweden.

Apple’s Privacy Stance Both Helps and Hinders it

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Apple and privacy

Apple regularly pushes its stance on privacy, working to turn it into a competitive advantage. In the latest in a series of pieces on the company, Wired looks at how its approach to privacy both helps and hinders the company.

Apple is able to do this because its business doesn’t rely on advertising. “Apple doesn’t have that need to have access to data,” independent security researcher Robin Wood says. Google, on the other hand, is one of the world’s biggest advertising companies and can sell ads for greater sums if it knows more about users and their interests. “Because Apple doesn’t have to have the data, they can put the effort into not having it,” Wood says. One such example is found in Apple Maps. Apple says it doesn’t collect detailed journey information: when you travel from home to work, for example, it breaks up the journey into small chunks. This way, it doesn’t hold a complete record of your route (from which it would be easy to identify you). It has also introduced a new technique it calls “fuzzing”: when you search for a destination on your phone, Apple will change the location information it stores to be less precise 24 hours later, meaning it can’t be used to identify where you have been.

New Emojis Face Delay Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

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iOS emojis for the emoji keyboard

No corner has been left untouched by the coronavirus pandemic. Even the rollout of emojis has been delayed, from March 2021 until September 2021, The Guardian reported.

That will have a knock-on effect for OS at Apple and Google, who will struggle to implement the new designs on their normal timescale. All of which means that 2021 might see no brand new emojis. That’s more of a hit than it might seem. On an emotional level, the rollout of new emojis is important people who want to represent themselves in the lingua franca of the 21st century. And on a technical level, the pictograms are an important carrot dangled by the smartphone manufacturers to get people to go through the effort of installing software updates, which are crucial to protect users from security vulnerabilities and hacking attacks.

‘Mythic Quest: Quarantine’ Was Shot With 40 iPhones

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Mythic Quest Quarantine Logo

Hollywood Reporter talked with Rob McElhenney, creator and star of Mythic Quest, about the newest quarantine episode.

McElhenney pitched the idea to his bosses at Apple, who were immediately on board. To pull it off, he told a team in Cupertino, California, that the production would need 40 new iPhones and 20 sets of earbuds later that week.

“This was a Monday, and I said, ‘If we have them by Friday, I think we could pull this off. Is that possible?'” he recounts by phone. “There was a rep on the call who didn’t skip a beat. She said, ‘I already have them tracked down. They’re in L.A. and I can have them to you by this afternoon.'”

Apple Siri Grading Whistleblower, Podcast Exclusivity, with Andrew Orr - ACM 530

· Bryan Chaffin · Apple Context Machine Podcast

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Bryan Chaffin and Andrew Orr talk about surveillance capitalism and the former Apple employee and Siri grading whistleblower who recently went public. They also discuss the growing battle for podcast exclusivity between the tech giants and Spotify.

AT&T Advised to Discontinue Misleading ‘5Ge’ Moniker

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AT&T logo

A panel of the National Advertising Review Board is recommending that AT&T stop its “5G Evolution” label for its network. If you’re at AT&T customer and notice a “5G E” label on your iPhone, that is what this is referring to. (Hint: It’s not actually 5G).

The NARB Panel agreed with NAD’s analysis and concluded that the term “Evolution” is not likely to alert consumers to the fact that the service is not 5G […] AT&T stated that it “respectfully disagrees with the reasoning and result reached by the Panel majority,” […] As a supporter of the self-regulatory process, it will comply with the NARB’s decision.

No comment from me is needed, other than surprise that AT&T is capable of self-regulating

Big Think Edge Expert-Taught Lectures Lifetime Subscription: $159.99

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Big Think Edge

We have a deal on a liftetime subscription to Big Think Edge, a library of video lessons created by educators and taught by experts like Malcolm Gladwell, Elon Musk, Arianna Huffington, and more. There are already more than 200 lessons available, and the company adds three more every week. A lifetime subscription is $159.99 through our deal, but there are also options for shorter subscriptions in the deal listing.

Monitor Math – TMO Daily Observations 2020-05-20

· Kelly Guimont · The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast

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John Martellaro and Dave Hamilton join host Kelly Guimont to discuss widescreen displays and how many Ks and inches and lines you really need.