How to Choose the Best Mesh Wireless System For Your Home

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Sorting through the mesh wireless systems available today can be tricky. Read on, and we’ll teach you how to decide which one is best for you. [Update: Added new Plume SuperPods and Deco M9 Plus hardware to the list, and started tracking Plume overall (and I’m impressed!). Updated a note in the buying advice section comparing the robustness of eero, Plume, Velop, and Orbi. – Dave]

An Artist Re-Envisions Modern U.S. Currency, and They're Works of Art

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I love money. Wait, I don’t mean “money,” because of course, yeah money—w00t! I mean currency and coins. Fun fact: my favorite coin is a 1853-O Seated Liberty quarter with arrows and rays. Anyhoo…the Greenback is iconic, and the U.S. likes it that way. It helps makes the U.S. dollar the de facto global currency, and it’s a big reason it has looked largely the same for roughly a century. Paper made with rag cloth, the whole green thing, dead presidents. But other countries have been doing a lot with plastic and holograms and such in their own efforts to combat counterfeiting. Enter Belarusian artist Andrey Avgust (via The Next Web). Mr. Avgust did a project completely re-imagining U.S. currency using state of the art technologies. Specifically, he conceptualized layered polymers, with each layer of the plastic adding something to the overall bill. He also turned them sideways (the $10 bill would still be in landscape mode). I’m not advocating a change to U.S. currency, but his work is gorgeous, and his concept art is just amazing. Check it out.

Why are Powerful Women Still Rare in Google Images?

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So asks Melissa Locker. When you type in the word “CEO” for example, in Google Images, most of the results you see are men. Women “made up only 11% of the CEOs that show up in a Google Image search.”

Granted, Google Image search results are not frozen in time (they change based on things such as the news cycle, for instance), but the lack of women CEOs in these results raises important questions about the lack of representation of women leaders in media, and how that relates to their lack of representation in the real world.

Data Could Someday Fuel Most of the Economy

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Mark Mills writes that Apple is the new Exxon, and data is the new oil. Although I don’t it’s an apt analogy, he did write an interesting paragraph:

Even though we’re still in early days of digitalization of physical domains, data traffic associated with manufacturing, medicine and consumer “things” is already rivaling traffic associated with multimedia (TV, sports, movies, YouTube, etc.).

It’s something to think about. If technologies like 3D printing, robotics, and others become more ubiquitous, we could be living in a future where data fuels the economy, instead of physical goods.

The Flames Bump to the Music with Fireside Audiobox Bluetooth Speaker: $399

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ireside Audiobox Bluetooth Speaker

Check out today’s deal, the Fireside Audiobox Bluetooth Speaker. It’s a Bluetooth speaker with fire. Real fire. It holds a little propane tank with a grill for bringing some flames to your indoor or outdoor listening experience. The fiery bits come with a heat-resistant, tempered glass shield, and the device has an anti-tip-over safety device and leak detection sensor will shut the flow of gas off when necessary. The speaker features a full range, hi-fi driver, and the flames react to the music being played. Check it out in the video.