Quick Apple Video Tip on Managing Multiple Emails on iPad

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Check out this video tip from Apple on working with multiple emails at a time on iPad. This is a new feature to me, and I bet for a lot of other people, too. The short version is that you can use the handle at the top of an email you’re writing to drag it down to the bottom of your screen, where it stays docked. That allows you to peruse your inbox. If you have just one docked email, tapping it brings it back up. If you have more than one, it gives you a Safari tab-like view to pick the one you want. It’s a nifty feature. Oh, and it works in portrait and landscape mode.

Just in Time for Spring Cleaning - Live Home 3D Pro for Mac: $24.99

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Live Home 3D Pro for Mac

Live Home 3D Pro for Mac allows you to design residential buildings from the ground up, which might come in particularly handy if you’re working on your Spring Cleaning projects. The software will let you design sheds, living rooms, homes, or even a skyscraper, according to the company that makes it. We have a deal on it for $24.99. Check the listing for all the features.

IK Multimedia Ships iRig Stomp I/O

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IK Multimedia announced Thursday that iRig Stomp I/O is now available. Announced during NAMM in January, this device is a essentially a pedal board for use with IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube. It features four switches, an expression pedal, a built-in preamp, phantom power for microphones, a built-in USB audio interface, a combo input jack for line, instrument or mic input, and balanced stereo output. It will work with both iPhone and iPad, but it’s big enough for an iPad, giving you more screen to see when the device sits on the floor at your feet. It’s MFi-certified, priced at US$/€299.99, and shipping.

Here's How Daisy Ridley Trained for 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

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When they do some of their own stunts, adventure film stars usually have to hit the gym, work out and then practice for weeks before filming even a short action sequence.  Daily Ridley, worked out five hours a day, five days a week for months prepping for the action scenes she did in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Here’s the video from Mashable.

Running Mac OS 8 on iPhone X and iPad to Play Warcraft II and SimCity 2000

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Check out this great video by YouTuber Hacking Jules where he runs Mac OS 8 on both an iPhone X and iPad (via Cult of Mac). Better yet, he uses this bit of retro fun to play Warcraft II and SimCity 2000! Now that is a quality use of resources. ::dreams idly about whiling away weeks and months playing Warcraft II and designing his own scenarios:: Right…where was I? Oh, yes, running Mac OS 8 on iPhones an iPads! Hacking Jules did this with the help of the Basilisk II 68K emulator, and the whole thing is a fine demonstration of just how powerful these modern mobile devices are. In any event, enjoy!

PDFelement 6 for Mac: $29.99

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PDFelement 6 on MacBook

We have a deal on PDFelement 6 for the Mac, a PDF editor and document creator. It offers OCR, merged documents, has annotations and more. Check out the deal listing for details.