Microsoft Updates Privacy Terms Following EU Probe

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Microsoft updated the data privacy terms and conditions in its commercial cloud contracts on Monday, Reuters reported. It followed the EU finding that the company did not protect data in line with EU law.

The EDPS, the EU’s data watchdog, opened an investigation in April to assess whether Microsoft’s contracts with the European Commission and other EU institutions met data protection rules. It raised concerns about compliance in October. In a statement on its website addressing the issue, Microsoft said: “We will increase our data protection responsibilities for a subset of processing that Microsoft engages in when we provide enterprise services.” The company, the only major cloud provider to offer such terms in the European Economic Area and beyond, expects to offer the new provisions to public sector and enterprise customers in early 2020.

Tim Cook to Talk with Marc Benioff at Salesforce Conference Tomorrow

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Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff

Apple CEO Tim Cook will talk with Salesforce boss Marc Benioff tomorrow at the firm’s Dreamforce conference, MacRumors reported.  It will take place at 1:30 p.m. Pacific Time at the Yerba Buena Theater, and will also be live-streamed. It also announced new iOS enterprise apps.

Apple and Salesforce formed a strategic partnership in 2018. Salesforce has since redesigned its customer relationship management app with support for the latest features on iPhone and iPad, including Siri Shortcuts and Face ID. The new Salesforce app is available in the App Store. Salesforce has also announced a Trailhead GO learning app with more than 700 modules covering business and tech skills. Trailhead GO is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Additional features, including support for Dark Mode and Sign in with Apple, are expected to be available later this year.

Twelve South’s AirFly Pro is a Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

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AirFly Pro is a wireless headphone adapter that plugs into a headphone jack to let you use your Bluetooth headphones on devices that don’t support Bluetooth, like the Nintendo Switch.

AirFly Pro works with most popular wireless headphones and earbuds. Even when you pair two sets of headphones with AirFly Pro, you can use any combination of wireless headphone brands. You connect your wireless headphones to this little splitter pretty much the same way you would pair your favorite headphones with any other wireless devices, such as your iPhone.

You can pick one up starting at US$54.99.

Defense Vertical Duo Charger - $10 Off [Sponsorship]

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Please join us in thanking Defense by X-Doria as our sponsor here at TMO this week. Defense makes all kinds of great accessories for your Apple devices, including iPhone and AirPods cases, Apple Watch Bands, and wireless charging solutions. And, as you’ve probably seen from the site this week, the Defense Vertical Duo Charger is a great-looking, multi-functional wireless charger.

This 1,300mAh Portable Charger Fits on Your Keyring: $34

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We have a deal on a neat portable charger designed to fit on your keyring. It has a 1,300mAh capacity and an integrated, retractable Lightning port for when you need that quick, emergency charge. It’s $39.99 through our deal, but coupon code BFSAVE15 at checkout brings the price down to $34. I’m linking to the Lightning model, as described, but there are also USB-C and micro USB options in the deal listing, and that coupon code works on them, too.

GitHub Preserves its Code in the Arctic World Archive

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GitHub plans to store all of its open source code in the Arctic World Archive to prepare for possible doomsday scenarios.

The data is stored on reels of film coated with iron oxide powder. It can be read by a computer or — in the event of a global power outage — a human with a magnifying glass. Crucially, this film will last for 1,000 years. Among the first data deposit at the vault is the source code for Android and Linux operations systems, as well as a range of programming languages, web platforms, cryptocurrencies and AI tools. GitHub is planning on having all active public repositories stored by February 2020.

This sounds like a neat project. It also sounds like the Arctic World Archive is “around the corner” from the Doomsday seed vault, another preservation project. Note: The photo I chose for the featured image is of that seed vault.

The 16-Inch MacBook Pro Provides Plenty of Reasons to go Back to Mac

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16 inch MacBook Pro

The new 16-inch MacBook Pro has certainly generated a lot of excitement. Cult of Mac‘s Charlie Sorrell said the device will be the first new Mac he has bought in six years.

The thing that really makes me want a new Mac right now is that macOS and iOS are now very tightly integrated. Handoff means you really can switch between devices at will, even when working on the same article. And Sidecar means that I can use touch, and the Apple Pencil, on Mac apps like Ableton Live and Logic. And all the while, I can enjoy the superior customization options of the Mac. It’s a win-win. Albeit a really expensive one. If I wasn’t in a hurry to move (partially) back to the Mac, I’d wait for the MacBook Air to get its keyboard replaced, or for the first ARM Mac to appear. As it is, I’m happy buying the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

New Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves Keep You Warm Whilst You Use You Use Your iPhone

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Winter is well and truly upon us, and there is nothing worse than having to take your gloves off in the cold to use your hone. Mujjo has two new styles of touchscreen gloves so you can swipe and stay warm – insulated and double-insulated. They sent me a pair of insulated ones and I’m definitely a fan. They are warm, comfortable, and work great with my iPhone. An insulated pair costs €49.99 ($54.41) while the double-insulated ones cost €59.99 ($65.29).

New Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves Keep You Warm Whilst You Use You Use Your iPhone

Finally a Way to Batch-Rename Files on iOS

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Every since I bought an iPad Pro I’ve been able to conduct most of my work and personal life on my iPad. But I still need my MacBook Pro for a couple things, like using Automator to batch-rename files (renaming multiple files simultaneously). This isn’t possible to do on iOS, until now. A shortcut I found on RoutineHub lets you do this. It lets you rename your files in custom formats, like alphabetically, prepending text, sorting by date modified, etc.

Finally a Way to Batch-Rename Files on iOS