Audible Brings Its Audio Books to Apple Watch

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Amazon’s Audible added support for Apple Watch to its iOS app. With version 3.0 of the Audible app for iOS, users will be able to sync their audio books to their Apple Watch, and play them back over Bluetooth without having their iPhone handy. You’ll be able to rewind, pause, and set a sleep timer from your Apple Watch, too. The company also announced that monthly subscribers get two Audible Originals and one audiobook per month included with their subscription. Version 3.0 of the Audible app is on the App Store now. It’s a free download.

Audible Brings Its Audio Books to Apple Watch

Math Nerds: Researchers Found a Pattern in Seemingly Random Distribution of Prime Numbers

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Prime numbers on a typewriter

I’ll be the first to note that much of this article was over my mathematical head, but it’s super cool. The short version is that some sciency-math folks decided to treat prime numbers like they were atom-like particles. Their model showed what could be a pattern in the distribution of prime numbers, something previously considered random. Motherboard has an article on it, and here’s a snippet:

Together with his student Ge Zhang and number theorist Matthew de-Courcy-Ireland, Torquato computationally represented the primes as a one-dimensional string of atoms and scattered light off them. The result, published in the Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment last week, was astounding: not only did they create a quasicrystal-like interference pattern, but it was a type of fractal pattern that has never been seen before. Torquato told Quanta Magazine that this implies prime numbers “are a completely new category of structures” when considered as a physical system.

Big Cable Asks For More Money, Refuses to Discuss Internet Speeds

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Big Cable companies are asking for more government handouts, and say “now’s not the time” to talk about internet speeds in the United States.

If the speed goes up, the percentage and competition levels go down – and spark uncomfortable questions like: why is the most technologically advanced nation on the planet providing slower speeds to fewer people at higher cost than any other comparable Western economy?

The answer is that U.S. telecoms want it this way. They want as much money from American taxpayers as possible while refusing to do anything. The real question should be: Why do we let corporations get away with so much corruption?

Inside Look at NSO Group iPhone Malware

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Motherboard got an inside look at the NSO Group iPhone malware. It works fast and can infect fully-up-to-date Android phones and iPhones.

The company has a group of engineers dedicated to making sure the company’s tools keep working because cell phone companies are in a constant “war” against government hacking providers “to block all those open windows that allow companies like NSO to go in,” according to the entrepreneur who attended the meeting, who was told that as part of the company’s sales pitch.

Scary stuff. NSO Group sells its products to customers (governments) that target political dissidents, journalists, and even an Amnesty International researcher. It claims the product can’t work in the United States.

Activity Trackers Now Mandatory for John Hancock Insurance

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John Hancock insurance will make it mandatory to have an activity tracker, whether it be an iPhone, Apple Watch, or some other device.

The move by the 156-year-old insurer, owned by Canada’s Manulife, marks a major shift for the company, which unveiled its first interactive life insurance policy in 2015. It is now applying the model across all of its life coverage.

In the past it relied on a reward system for people who had an activity tracker, like gift cards.

Here's the Best Apple Watch Series 4 Size Comparison

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Just how big will you new Apple Watch Series 4 be compared to the Apple Watch you already have? Allison Sheridan from the NosillaCast podcast did the math because she’s really frakking smart. Turns out the new 40mm model’s display area, which replaces the 38mm model, is 35% bigger and actually 2% bigger than the old 42mm’s display. The 44mm display is 32% bigger than the screen on the 42mm model it replaces. She also did the math for pixel density, case dimensions, and more. Check out her comparisons so you’re ready when your new Apple Watch shows up on Friday.

Here’s the Best Apple Watch Series 4 Size Comparison

Amazon Unveiling New Hardware at Surprise Event Today

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Amazon Echo and Echo Spot

Amazon is hosting a surprise media event 1 PM eastern time on Thursday to announce new hardware products. The company isn’t saying what it’ll introduce, but it’s a safe bet the Echo is involved. Along with new smart speakers and a rumored Echo subwoofer, we may see some other gear outside the smart speaker space. The Verge says,

Amazon could be shifting focus toward Alexa in general, with plans to unveil up to eight smart home devices this year. Rumored products range from a voice-controlled in-car accessory to a smart microwave oven. The latter is particularly interesting given Amazon recently began offering Blue Apron-style meal kits, both online and at its Amazon Go cashier-less outposts. The smart oven, if confirmed, could potentially be tied to Whole Foods as well.

So maybe you’ll be talking to your microwave oven soon, or at least sharing more of your cooking habits with Amazon.

Astronomers Discover a Star Trek Vulcan-like Planet

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Vulcan planet

“The Dharma Planet Survey, in a new study led by University of Florida (UF) astronomer Jian Ge and team including Tennessee State University (TSU) astronomers Matthew Muterspaugh and Gregory Henry, has shown that science fiction may be a little less so; the Dharma project has discovered what may be Star Trek’s famed planet Vulcan.” Or something close to it. Concept image via UF.

A New iPhone and New Apple Watch Set Up Guide

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iPhone X and Apple Watch Series 3

So you’re getting a new iPhone soon. And maybe a new Apple Watch as well. Getting your devices properly set up can be confusing, so John has put together a new iPhone and new Apple Watch set up guide to make sure everything goes smoothly.