Apple Offers US$200 Instant Rebates On iMac DV+ & iMac DV SE

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It would seem that Apple is ready to clear out its high end iMac product line in advance of next monthis MACWORLD Tokyo. Apple is offering an instant US$200 rebate on the iMac DV+ and iMac DV SE, and that translates into a price tag that is US$200 less. The iMac DV+ is now effectively US$1099, while the iMac DV SE is effectively priced at US$1299. Apple is also offering rebates for purchasing the HP 648C inkjet printer that includes two US$50 rebates, one from Apple and one from HP, when purchasing the US$99 printer with your iMac. According to Apple:

Save $200 instantly when you purchase an iMac DV+ or iMac DV Special Edition.*

Need a printer too? From now until February 2, 2001, you can buy an HP 648C for $99 and get a $100 back after rebate.

Choose the standard iMac DV+ or iMac DV Special Edition and get $200 off the price of your computer.

If you want to add memory or AirPort to your iMac system, you must call 1-800-MY-APPLE and refer to promotional code iMACREBATE to receive the $200 savings.

*See terms and conditions for promotion rules.

You can get more information on Appleis iMac rebate page.

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