CableCARD Conspiracy?

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I am currently in the market to replace my 32" Sony LCD television with a larger (37" or 40") model. I like Sony and my preference is to stay with the brand. Looking over Sony's 2008 line-up, I had pretty much decided on a 37" model (KDL-37XBR6), when I made a disturbing discovery: the television did not have a CableCARD slot.

The Sony I now own does have a CableCARD slot, and I have a CableCARD in it. I had assumed that Sony's high-end televisions would maintain this CableCARD capability. Not so.

The CableCARD allows me to get all of Comcast's stations without having to pay for or make room for a set-top box. True, I can't access the online program guide or use On Demand, but that's an okay tradeoff, as this is not my primary TV anyway. For me, not being able to transfer my CableCARD to a new television is a significant negative.

Perhaps I could find a CableCARD slot in a different Sony model? Nope. A closer look at Sony's 2008 line-up reveals that not one of the models have the needed slot. I called Sony to inquire why this was so. Not surprisingly, the low-level person I spoke to had no official explanation -- other than to suggest that it may have been dropped to save costs, as so few people were using it.

Of course, more people might be using the slot if the cable companies offered more than grudging support for the option. It is no secret that cable companies would much prefer that you use a set-top box, and typically don't even tell you that a CableCARD is an option, unless you specifically ask about it.

There had been talk of a CableCARD 2.0 technology coming soon, that would allow CableCARDs to work with all cable features, including On Demand -- but that now seems dead in the water. The CableCARD option in televisions, rather than expanding, appears to be vanishing.

But here's the kicker: CableCARDs are not really disappearing. To the contrary, the Federal Communications Commission's Separable Security mandate actually requires that CableCARDs be used in all new cable set-top boxes. They're similarly used in TiVo Series 3 boxes.

CableCARDs are thus doing just fine; it's only CableCARD slots in televisions (which would eliminate the need for a set-top box) that are vanishing. This works out well for Comcast, but leaves viewers as the losers. I can't help but wonder if television manufacturers have capitulated to cable companies here in their decision to drop CableCARD slots from their televisions. It certainly smells like some sort of conspiracy to me.

In the end, it may not matter much. Even the cable companies are predicting a future that will see the end of all set-top boxes. But that's still years off. In the meantime, it appears that I will be forced to get a set-top box with my new TV. Too bad.

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Just a thought, is it possible that the slots are being dropped off the TVs because the need for a tuner in TVs is going away?

Pretty much everyone is going to plug a TV into some kind of programming source, TIVO, DVD, DVR, PS3, etc.

The assumption by the manufacturers may be that a high end set is alway used as a monitor to a programming source, not as a source itself, needing a tuner.  Only a smaller set, like a bedroom TV might need it’s own cable card slot.


Here’s a thought, turn the TV off, or sell it, and read some books about the current state of your country and how the real problem with America, is Americans who are more concerned about a feature on their TV than what life is really all about.


I really wish the cable cards were better supported by cable companies.  I have a new TiVo HD, which can use CableCards (either two single stream or one multi-stream).  I called Charter Communicaitons to set up an appointment to instal CableCards, and they never showed up.  I have since been just using my TiVo for analog channels (mostly what I watch anyway).

Read the TiVo Community fourm for all the stories about how many cable companies just don’t want to support CableCards and the lengths they will go to to avoid support.  The CSR I talked to did not even know what I was asking for, after talking to a manager she finally found out what a cable card was/is and set up the appointment which was then promptly ignored by the installer.  They really freak out when you ask for a CableCard for a TiVo, they just do not want to support TiVo at all!

The problem with CableCards runs deep.  I also wish something could be done.  I want to continue to use my TiVo but I wonder what is going to happen next year or so when the digital standard is more fully implemented.  The cable co may continue the analog broadcast, but who knows.


“Just a thought, is it possible that the slots are being dropped off the TVs because the need for a tuner in TVs is going away?”

Not sure this is the case. While this is all speculation at this point, the Federally-mandated switch to terrestial HDTV coming up soon may actually *increase* the need/demand for tuners in televisions, albeit HDTV-capable ones. Theoretically, you won’t see snow and you will see the broadcast in crystal-clear hi-def. The reality will likely be that you’ll see frozen images, hitching, and pixellization/decoding artifacts instead of snow, and the “crystal-clear” will be dependent on broadcasters having HD equipment all the way through their production stream - something that seems less and less likely for any but the highest-budget broadcasts (Superbowl? definitely. Small local-market news? Not so much).


BTW - talk about serendipity - I just came across this CableCard-related article making the rounds today:


There had been talk of a CableCARD 2.0 technology coming soon, that would allow CableCARDs to work with all cable features, including On Demand — but that now seems dead in the water.

all cablecards ( including 1.0 version ) were capable of two way communication to work with VOD and PPV services from the cable companies.  it was the tv manufactures that requested only a one-way standard.

[quote comment=“577”]Here’s a thought, turn the TV off, or sell it, and read some books about the current state of your country and how the real problem with America, is Americans who are more concerned about a feature on their TV than what life is really all about.

...Says the man reading articles about TV cards.


With Elgato’s EyeTV programming capability only working on standard coax, I’m not switching to a cable box anytime soon.  If they can’t make it broadcast over my standard coax, I’m not bothering with it.  More intriguingly Mac OS X 10.5.2 doesn’t work with the latest EyeTV, but 10.4.11 does.  It simply won’t pickup the Tuner over the Coax at all.  Thank goodness I left behind a 10.4.11 partition on my hard drive.

Naturally when I pickup a 50+” TV in December I may still want to see what getting HD stations is like.  With a 30” HDTV it doesn’t make that big a difference.


I never like the idea of a cablecard. It’s not needed. Most HD TVs have or will have ATSC and QAM tuners built in. With Time-Warner, all you have to do is go direct from wall to TV bypassing the set-top box to receive all the basic HD channels. I believe you must be subscribed to digital (what will happen when it’s all digital? A lower price? Ha, doubt it!) but you don’t have to buy their HD tier unless you want a bunch more redundant and otherwise HD channels.
Hey Ted, IMO I’d look at the new 120mz Samsung LCD’s. Samsung makes the panels for Sony anyway, and you save major bucks over Sony.

Bob Gale

Try Samsung.  My 52” has a cable card slot, and their 57” does, too.  Btw - you know that Sony doesn’t even make their lcd tvs anymore, right?  They just put their brand on someone else’s.  The high end Sonys use Samsung lcd panels, and the cheap-o one uses an LG panel.
As for QAM - yup, it works for me on TW cable also, but no TVGuide feature is available, so my Cable Card equipped Sony HD DVR (that I bought before Tivo forced all the manufacturers to stop selling DVRs weith no monthly fee) wouldn’t work without one.  I love Cable Cards, and mine onlt cost me $1.50 per month (for 2 of them).


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