PC Weenies Celebrates Three Years Of Cartooning

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Krishna M. Sadasivam, the cartoonist behind the tech-oriented cartoon "PC Weenies," is celebrating the cartoonis third year of publication. In honor of that anniversary, he has rolled out a new Web site for the cartoon. From PC Weenies:

To commemorate three years of publication (and the 300th cartoon installment), pcweenies.com is proud to announce a complete site overhaul for the popular "PC Weenies" Web cartoon. The new site offers improved navigation, a weekly letters column, free downloadable wallpapers, and a complete three year archive of previously published "PC Weenies" cartoons.

"The PC Weenies" is a single panel cartoon focusing on the unusual computing misadvenures of the Weiner family, and has been published on a twice a week basis since October 1998.

You can find more information about the cartoon at its Web site.

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