Apple Camp Opens Enrollment for iMovie, iBooks Author Kids Summer Classes

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Apple will be hosting its usual three-day summer classes for kids again, and this year they focus on iMovie and iBooks Author. The classes are geared towards children between at 8 and 12 years old and are free to attend.

Kids age 8 to 12 can learn movie making and book authoring at Apple CampKids age 8 to 12 can learn movie making and book authoring at Apple Camp

Stories in Motion with iMovie teaches kids how to storyboard their own movie, shoot video, make their own soundtrack in GarageBand on the iPad, and edit all the parts together in iMovie on the Mac. Interactive Storytelling with iBooks shows kids how to create illustrations on their iPad, and then put a book together using iBooks Author on their Mac, complete with multi-touch features and sound effects.

The classes are hosted at Apple's own retail stores and are free, but parents need to get their kids signed up right away because the three-day events fill up quickly. You can sign up at Apple's Apple Camp website.

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