Apple Store Dealing with Outages Monday Morning

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Apple's Web-based store was replaced with the "we'll be back" graphic that often comes just before a product update is released, and shortly thereafter came back online only to show the offline warning again moments later. The on-again-off-again site status could mean something new is coming, or -- considering the odd nature of the outages -- might be a sign Apple is suffering from some sort of server-related issue, especially since at times parts of the online store will load without any formatting. Considering Apple has to take its Web-based store offline every time a product change happens, we're hoping this is actually a transition to a modern content management system like WordPress (but we aren't counting on it).

Apple's online store suffered from repeated outages Monday morning


Lee Dronick

It seems fine now and I don’t see anything new from Apple. It must have been a glitch of some sort.



Maybe the earthquake had something to do with it?

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