AppZapper 2 Adds New Application Organizing Tools

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AppZapper announced the immediate availability of AppZapper 2.0 on Tuesday. The new version of the application uninstaller for Mac OS X added Hit List and My Apps organizing for the software installed on your Mac.

Hit List lets users group applications for removal via drag-and-drop, and My Apps lets users group applications the want to keep as well as manage serial numbers and registrations. Version 2.0 also sports a redesigned interface that more closely matches Apple's Snow Leopard style.

AppZapper 2.0 is priced at US$12.95 and is available for download at the AppZapper Web site.

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Upgrades appear to be free.
It does say that on their website, but it was for me.

The new Hit List feature is nice.
I see no point to the My Apps feature as I already use 1Password.


AppZapper 2 is Snow Leopard only.


Alternative: AppTrap (donationware) is a simple prefpane that sits quietly hidden until you move an app to the trash. Then it gives a single yes/no dialog for whether you want to trash the related files as well.

Sure, AppZapper is prettier, and the Hit List is probably a very helpful feature if you don’t have a clear understanding of what “related files” will be trashed as well. That does matter sometimes.

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