AT&T Bringing Free Wi-Fi to NYC Parks

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AT&T will be bringing free Wi-Fi Internet access to 20 New York City parks this summer that’s open to all users regardless of whether or not they are AT&T customers. The company rolled out its free Wi-Fi in parts of Battery, Joyce Kilmer and Thomas Jefferson Parks, and will continue to add new locations throughout the summer.

Central ParkCentral Park and other NYC spots are getting free Wi-Fi

Mayor Bloomberg and AT&T said taxpayer money isn’t being used to operate the wireless networks, so in this case it seems that free really is free.

“In May, we laid out a strategy to make New York City the nation’s leading digital city, and AT&T’s generous initiative to bring Wi-Fi to 20 City parks will help us get there,” said Mayor Bloomberg.

Some of the other parks that will get in on AT&T’s free Wi-Fi action include Bronx River, Brooklyn Bridge, McCarren, Astoria, South Beach, and several locations in Central Park.

New York City is maintaining a Web site detailing the progress of its free Wi-Fi project.


Lee Dronick

Balboa Park here in San Diego has free WiFi in several areas, but I don’t know who pays for it. There some unmanned kiosks with touch screens for info about park services and attractions, the routers are contained in those.

AT&T is putting a cell tower in our neighborhood park. They are doing a lot of infrastructure improvements around town.

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