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Bitcoin Faucet[Update #24, January 21st, 2015 - Added several new faucets and updated descriptions on many existing faucets. Also removed a couple of faucets that have been out of funds for a while. Lastly, I reordered the lists to reflect changes in payouts. - Bryan]

[Update #23, December 25th, 2014 - Removed, which announced it ended operations. - Bryan]

Bitcoins are all over the headlines, but did you know there are websites that pay out "free" Bitcoins for visiting them or doing tasks? They're called Bitcoin faucets, and they're a great way for you to get into Bitcoins without mining, winning it through playing online poker with Bitcoins, wiring money to a Bitcoin exchange, or buying through LocalBitcoins.

Before we get to the faucets, Bitcoin is a virtual cryptocurrency—I penned a Bitcoin primer a while back if you're looking for more information. Bitcoin faucets aren't going to make you rich, but these are faucets I can personally attest pay out when and how they say they will as I've collected 0.57 BTC from them.

Most of these faucets work by paying out tiny fractions of a Bitcoin in exchange for loading a page full of ads or for watching videos. I've also listed sites that pay Bitcoins in exchange for doing crowd-sourced tasks.

I've broken the list up into several sections: My Favorite Faucets, The Microwallet Collection, Other Faucets, and Faucets with Caveats and Warnings.


  • A satoshi is currently the smallest fraction of a Bitcoin, or 0.00000001BTC. 1,000 satoshis would is 0.00001000BTC.

You'll need a Bitcoin wallet, either a standalone client-side wallet or a wallet from a service like

For Dogecoin faucets, download the Dogecoin wallet.

My Favorite Faucets
Site Payouts Timing Description/Comments 318 satoshis to .318BTC Hourly Hands down my favorite faucet. Payouts tied to US$200 worth of Bitcoin, so it fluctuates up and down with the price of Bitcoin. 8.75 Dogecoin to 875,382.32 Dogecoin Hourly Sister site to Payouts are tied to $200 worth of Dogecoin. You'll need a Dogecoin wallet to sign up. 518 satoshis to 0.518BTC Hourly Another new faucet that is using the model of tying payouts to $200 in Bitcoins. As of this writing, it's between 518 satoshis to 0.518BTC, with payouts weighted towards the low end.
New - USA Faucet 1,200 to 48,000,000 satoshis 4 Hours Brand new, this faucet is owned by the same folks who run the Rena faucets. The payouts are enormous, starting at 1,200 satoshis (95%). The payouts go up to 48 million satoshis (0.01%). Very cool.
BitcoinZebra 100 satoshis to 1,000 satoshis, plus free bonus opportunity Hourly I love this faucet. It's cute and it's fun. You win 100, 200, 300, 500, or 1,000 satoshis per visit. There's also a free bonus opportunity based on rolling virtual dive that can pay up to 3,000X.
Moon Bitcoin Variable 5 Minutes New twist on the faucet - Adds 1 satoshi every few seconds, slowing down as it goes. You get the most satoshis per minute by collecting every 5 minutes, but if you have to wait longer, you'll get a larger payout.
Moon Dogecoin Variable 5 Minutes Sister site to Moon Bitcoin above. Starts at 0.05 Dogecoin, adding more Dogecoin every few seconds, slowing down as it goes. You get the most Dogecoin per minute by collecting every 5 minutes, but if you have to wait longer, you'll get a larger payout. Also listed with my favorites.
DailyFreeBits 100 satoshis to 1,200 satoshis Hourly Straight forward faucet that pays up to 1,200 satoshis per visit. It's weighted, but I've hit the top mark many times. Recently increased to an hourly faucet.
Golds Day Up to 1,000 satoshis, plus Jackpot 10 Minutes Currently paying 2X prizes - Golds Day uses a lottery wheel metaphor with prizes from 150 to 1,000 satoshis. There's also of up to several million satoshis that gets won roughly once every day or two. The more you play, the less you'll win per visit. It pays out to ePay, which then pays out once per week.
Coin Collecting 111 to 999 satoshis 10 Minutes Currently paying 2X prizes - Coin Collecting is owned by the same people that run Golds Day. It uses a scratch off metaphor that currently paying between 66 satoshis and 999 satoshis. I've won all the prizes, but the more you play, the less you win per visit. It's so quick, though, it's worth it. It pays out to ePay the same as above.
StarsBit 33 - 999 satoshis 10 Minutes Currently paying 2X prizes - Another faucet owned by the folks behind Gold's Day, StarsBit pays between 66 and 999 satoshis, but the more you play, the less you win per visit. It pays to your same ePay account, so use the same address for all three of these faucets.
BitcoinGet Up to 20,000 satoshis per task N/A The best site for earning Bitcoins for doing tasks. I have earned the most from this site.
BitcoinReward Up to 12,000 satoshis per task N/A Another site for earning Bitcoin for doing tasks. Some tasks are complementary to what BitcoinGet offers.
Qoinpro Multiple cryptocurrencies N/A This site is unique in my list. Just sign up and get daily Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dogecoins, Feather Coins, Infinite Coins, and Fedora Coins, without you having to do anything more. You get a bonus by getting other folks to sign up.
Land of Dogecoin 5 Dogecoin Per Visit Hourly This Dogecoin faucet pays to FaucetBox using your Dogecoin address. Once your Dogecoin get sent to FaucetBox, FaucetBox automatically pays out to your address once you reach 10 Dogecoin (just two visits). Very straight forward faucet. 1 Dogecoin 1 Minute Pays out to FaucetBox, like Land of Dogecoin above. It pays 1 Dogecoin per visit, and you can visit once a minute.
RTUBE Dogecoin 1 to 100 Dogecoin Hourly RTUBE's Bitcoin faucet went dark, but its Dogecoin faucet is alive and well. It pays out to FaucetBox, like the two Doge faucets above. It's an hourly faucet paying 1, 2, 4, 10, or 100 Dogecoin per visit. Odds aren't posted, but it appears to be weighted towards the low end.
Dogecoin Faucet 1 to 100 Dogecoin Hourly Another FaucetBox Dogecoin faucet. Straight forward, pays from 1 to 100 Dogecoin, weighted towards the bottom.
Big-Coin 2 to 10 Dogecoin 2 Hours Straight forward FaucetBox Dogecoin faucet. Pays 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 Dogecoin, equally weighted.
Crococoin 100 satoshis to 1BTC 30 Minutes Crococoin pays out 100 satoshis, 10,000 satoshis, 1,000,000 satoshis, or a full Bitcoin—the odds aren't posted, but it's heavily weighted towards the bottom payout. I've personally gotten 10,000 satoshis four times. Requires an email address to register.
DailyBitcoins 50 satoshis to 100,000 satoshis Hourly Minimum 50 satoshi payout, but there are 800 or so bonus prizes every day that pay up to 10,000 satoshis (recently reduced) per visit. Just reload the page until you get a prize you want.
CoinCheckIn 30 satoshis to 100,000 satoshis 5 Minutes Payouts are based on a random number generator. You hit a bonus on an average of 1 in 18 spins. It's very fast.
DogeCheckIn 0.3 Dogecoin to 2,000 Dogecoin 5 Minutes I do love Dogecoin! Sister site to CoinCheckIn above. Payouts are based on a random number generator. You hit a bonus on an average of 1 in 18 spins. It's very fast. 200 satoshis to 1,000 satoshis Daily is currently warning users that its payment engine is broken and might not be repaired. This daily faucet pays between 200 and 500 satoshis per day, with a loyalty bonus that pays up to double when you visit every day. Check out my full review for more details. 0.00001000LTC to 0.00005000LTC Daily A sister site to the faucet above. You'll need a Litecoin wallet to sign up. Litecoiner's payment engine is working fine. 30 Satoshis to 2,500 satoshis Hourly Free Bitcoins every hour by rolling virtual dice—payment based on the number you roll. Prizes have not kept pace with the decline in Bitcoin's value. It's not worth the effort.
BitVisitor 40 satoshis up 2,400 satoshis 5 Minutes This faucet pays you Bitcoins in exchange for loading up webpages. Payments have been decreased—worse, new users get more per visit than frequent visitors. Collection faucets all pay into one Microwallet account with fast, automatic payouts. Some of these faucets have begun using redirects and AdFly, so I added a column for that info for those who want to avoid the hassles. Faucets
Site Payout Timing Redirects Description/Comments
New - USA Faucet 1,200 to 48,000,000 satoshis 4 Hours   Brand new, this faucet is owned by the same folks who run the Rena faucets. The payouts are enormous, starting at 1,200 satoshis (95%). The payouts go up to 48 million satoshis (0.01%). Very cool.
DailyFreeBits 150 satoshis to 1,200 satoshis Hourly   Straight forward faucet that pays up to 1,200 satoshis per visit. It's weighted, but I've hit the top mark many times. Recently changed to hourly. Also listed with my favorite faucets. 100 satoshis to 1,200 satoshis 15 Minutes   This faucet pays either 100, 200, or 1,200 satoshis. But you can also just choose to get a straight 600 satoshis per roll. 2 satoshis (automatic) 1 Minute   I like this site. It has an automatic faucet that lets you accumulate 2 satoshis per minute. You just have to reload it every 15-30 minutes. There's also an automatic guide through other faucets that some folks seem to like. 301 satoshis - 1,200 satoshis Hourly   Despite the similar name, this faucet isn't related to—nor is it a gambling site. It pays from 301 - 1,200 satoshis per visit, hourly, but I've never won more than the current minimum, ever.
PayFaucet 100 satoshis to 1,000 satoshis 30 Minutes AdFly, Redirects I hate the redirects—they're aggressive. The faucet is otherwise good.
CoinGiveaway 50 satoshis to 500 satoshis Hourly Some redirects Recently increased payments to to 50, 60, 70, 100, or 500 satoshis per visit. There are prettier faucets out there, but it pays.
Treasure Faucet 100 to 500 Satoshis (plus bonus) Hourly   Treasure Faucet has a fun new take. It's a straight forward faucet that pays 100, 150, 200, 250, or 500 satoshis, with each payout labeled as a gem (diamond, "rubin," emerald, sapphire, and amethyst). With each payout to your Microwallet account, you collect one gem. When you get to 100 gems of any gem type, you get a bonus of 20 times the base payout amount. 100 - 200,000 satoshis 15 Minutes   A straight forward faucet paying 100, 120, 140, 150, 250, 300, 2,000, or 200,000 satoshis—odds aren't posted, but it appears to be weighted towards the bottom.
The Running Faucet 80 to 10,000 satoshis 3 Hours   Straight forward faucet paying 80, 150, 300, 5,000, or 10,000 satoshis weighted towards the bottom.
SimplFaucet Increased to 200 satoshis Hourly   Straight forward faucet paying 200 satoshis. Note that I've seen some porn ads on this faucet.
Rena Faucet 150 to 100,000 satoshis Hourly   This faucet requires you to sit through an interstitial ad before taking you to a random number generator. It pays between 120 and 100,000 satoshis, with the weighted odds posted plainly. I've won as much as 5,000 satoshis (the second highest payout).
New - Rena Faucet 2 150 to 1,000 satoshis Hourly   This is a duplicate of the faucet above, except there are no interstitials. Instead, there's a straight-forward CAPTCHA. Prizes are different, too.
New - Rena Dogecoin 1.5 Dogecoin to 1,250 Dogecoin Hourly   Same concept as the other Rena faucets, but prizes are in Dogecoin.
Pizza Faucet 75 satoshis to 10,000 satoshis 3 hours   Straight forward, with weighted odds to win 75, 150, 300, 1,000, or 10,000 satoshis per visit.
Flying Faucet 100 satoshis to 10,000 satoshis Hourly   Straight forward, easy to use. The Flying Faucet has weighted odds to win 150, 300, 600, 5,000, or 10,000 satoshis per visit
BestBTCFaucet 30 satoshis to 3,000 satoshis 3 hours   Straight forward, with the weighted odds to win 30, 50, 80, 100, 150, 300, 1,500, or 3,000 satoshis per visit.
BitcoinGator 25 satoshis to 1,000 satoshis 6 Hours   This is a straight forward 6-hour faucet. It runs out of funds on occasion, but always comes back. Prizes were recently increased.
BitcoinGenie 200 satoshis 12 Hours   Straight forward and east to use.
Super BTC Faucet 50 satoshis to 10,000 satoshis Hourly Redirects Faucet still claims to pay from 50-10,000 satoshis per visit. Payments are weighted to 50, 75, 100, 125 satoshis, but the higher payments are possible. Odds are clearly posted, which I appreciate.
DailyCoins 10 to 1,000 satoshis Hourly   Straight forward faucet paying 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 300, 500, or 1,000 satoshis, with the weighted odds posted openly on the site (I so appreciate that!).
100Satoshi Increased to 200 satoshis Daily   Straight forward daily faucet.
The Free Bitcoin Faucet 1 satoshi to 100 satoshis Hourly Aggressive pop-up ads. Payments recently reduced to 1 to 100 satoshis.

Other Faucets

Two More Faucets
Site Payout Timing Redirects Descriptions/Comments 100 satoshis 6 Hours   Payouts are small, but faucet is straight forward and pays when it says.

New - CheapBitcoins

100 satoshis 2 Hours   Pays out 100 satoshis every two hours, but you have to accumulate 50 visits before it pays out. 1 satoshi to 100 satoshis 8 Hours AdFly/Redirects With small payouts, this site had more promise when it was first introduced. Recently the operator added AdFly and aggressive redirects, which sucks.

Faucets with Caveats Warnings

  • Click2Dad - Site has a history of slow payment and banning accounts. This site is currently not recommended.
  • BitChest - This faucet wallet service hasn't paid out since August 31st. 
  • HourlyBitcoins - Faucet has been out of funds for the last two weeks.
  • Sandy Faucet - Faucet pays miniscule payments per visit and requires users to save up 3,000 satoshis before payout. It pays, but it's not worth it.



I would really advise TMO to get out of the business of (accidental) BitCoin promotion.  For all these libertarian dreams of an independent, unregulated currency, it’s not as if that’s never been done before in the U.S.  We used to have that and the economy was so prone to boom and bust panics, that’s why the Fed was created.  The belief that a non-fiat currency will cure our economic ills is a pipe dream borne out of ignorance and ahistoricity.

Marcus Wright

Sneaky tactic Mr. Chaffin…posting YOUR referal links.


A very good point.

Bitcoin France

Nice article!
I prefer the first and the last wink
follow me to find the best btc websites

Laurie Fleming

I now have BTC0.00008053, which is $NZ0.10. Croesus, here I come!

Get Free Bitcoins

Thanks for the sharing the list of free Bitcoin Websites.

Frank Lowney 1

No doubt there are some hackers hard at work devising ways around Captcha challenges, obfuscating their IPs, managing massively multiple accounts and then consolidating the harvest.

Rob Gloginja

Enjoy the fact that you posted your referral links - more money for yourself!!

Any chance you can tell us how much you made from referrals? - this is a script that I built and maybe plan on “selling” for a few mBTCs.

Could you add our faucet please? Thanks! smile

Bryan Chaffin

I can add you once I have tested it and received payment. Please contact me using our contact form if you have questions.

Edit: that site doesn’t seem to work. Contact me when you have it functioning.

2nd Edit: I can confirm the faucet is now accumulating BTC, as noted by the operator below. Once I’ve done it enough to receive a payout, I’ll add it to the list. Thanks for the heads up and the followup.

We had an issue with new addresses being added to the database (it was rejecting them) but it now seems to be fixed. Try it now.

Tricks Arena

Please consider adding my BTC faucet to your list!

Bryan Chaffin

Testing it now, Tricks. Thanks for the heads up. smile

Tomáš Ferby

new game


@TMOBryan Here’s another one you might like to explore and write about:

PikaPay’s Magic Bitcoin Fountain:

We think it’s unique.

With an established Twitter account you can use it to send free bits to yourself or to as many others as you want.

See our support channel on Twitter: if you have any questions.


earn up 8 satoshi per 30 sec .....this is automatic and no captcha
earn up to 5000 satoshi every 20 mins

Bryan Chaffin

bitcoinearn, the “generate” page is working as described (paying 1 satoshi every 30 seconds, not 8), but the main page returns a 20 minute warning after the first dispense. This has been the case for several hours of testing. Please email me directly when you have it fixed, and I’ll include your site in the next update.

Dean Scott Walsh

You should add QoinPro - they have a daily mutli-coin faucet offer and referal program.

Bryan Chaffin

That’s going into my next update, Dean.

Daily Free Bits

Please add .Its currently the best Bitcoin Faucet!

GPTSites is also good,they have faucets rotationcoin collector with alot of faucets

Bryan Chaffin

Thanks for the heads up, GPTSites. I’m testing it now.

jbtcforall here is the new future promising one.

Dave Cats

Here is a great site with links to websites where you can earn bitcoin, and other sites that offer work from home opportunities.

Brozzio Gaming

Hello, please add this faucet. 100 - 1000 Satoshi per hour. Its a Microwallet one.


New Faucet Bitcoin :

Rewards Live

Please add - not a faucet, but you can earn points from tasks, surveys, paid to click, and games, then redeem the points for bitcoin and lite coin!

Rewards Live

If you need help or have questions, shoot me over a tweet @rewardslive ! Sorry for the double post!

Karabük Hatice

Hello new faucet site giving bitcoin hourly 1-100 admin you can add this site site working under microwallet.

Coin Omega

Hey Bryan,

I just launched a faucet at
Would love to get on your list. Please let me know if you have any comments and/or suggestions for the site.

high paying faucet, up to 600 satoshi every 3hours

Muhammad Mahdi

nice and good info about bitcoin for newbie like me mr bryan, and thanks for all your info bitcoin for my knowledge

Justina Soto

Hello thank you so much for this site.  I have it bookmarked and refer to it frequently.  I would just like to make a comment as of 03/23/2014 bitcoin tap has has insufficient funds for 3 days, and someone commented on and they have insuffent funds as well.  Hope this helps everyone!


You should add

I’ve gone to the sites many times, and it works great. One of the most reliable faucets out there.

great faucet up to 300 satoshi per hour


My site, just added a 100 satoshi faucet which you can claim whenever your in-game balance is less than 100.

Blockchain-reaction is a 100% skill based, multiplayer board game where you can win bitcoins playing either the CPU or other human players.

Cheers, Paul.


We have created our first faucet - where everyone can earn up to 2000 satoshi INSTANT send to microwallet. (every 60 minutes)
The prizes are set on next format : 1 satoshi ; 5 satoshi ; 10 satoshi ; 25 satoshi ; 50 satoshi ; 100 satoshi ; 250 satoshi ; 500 satoshi ; 1000 satoshi ;
2000 satoshi



Alexander 1

To collection: Cool Free Lottery

Avijit Jana

Hey, very neat and nice list. I have a suggestions for a new faucet that you may check out. It is You may check their latest payment details on their website. You may add your own referral for CoinLearn.

Dmitry BZz

Have a look at
Free bitcoins in just 2 clicks


Brian,  you’ve written other articles about hardware and software for mining Bitcoins.  I couldn’t resist experimenting with mining so I purchased an Antminer.  Got it set up and working with MacMiner that you recommended about a month ago and got my first payment.  However, I had to restart my Mac and I haven’t been able to get it working since.  The process of setting up and mining Bitcoins is very confusing and I’m not finding a comprehensive step-by-step description of the process anywhere.  Can you provide, or point me to, comprehensive instructions on how to use MacMiner or other software for mining Bitcoins?


Sorry, I meant Bryan….

Luis Rodriguez

A good site I found that actually pays out, and is clean, and simple to use. Here it is

Bryan Chaffin

Thanks for the heads up, Luis. I’ll add that site in my next update (later this week), though 10 satoshis every 24 hours is a markedly low payout. Hopefully they’ll increase that.

Chase Broyles gives hourly satoshi from 50-150. It’s great.


I have been using since you first posted this article, and have accumulated few mBTC from them.  I don’t want to be ungrateful (five bucks is five bucks), but you might query them about their statistics.  If you go to the website while not logged in, as of today (6/5/14) they show 481 million games played and 348 BTC won by users.  That works out to about 72 satoshis per game.  If you look at their prize structure, they offer a baseline prize, currently 303 satoshis, 0.9885 of the time; they offer prizes that are (10, 100, 1000, 10000, and 100000) times the baseline, with odds of (0.01, 0.0008, 0.0004, 0.0002, and 0.0001) respectively.  If you calculate the expectation value of that, then over many plays the expected mean payoff is over 13 times the baseline, with most of it coming from jackpots of 100000 times the baseline!

Like you, the largest prize I’ve ever one (a few times, so far) has been 100x the baseline; as time wears on, I’ll see if I win larger prizes or if their failure to occur becomes statistically significant.  There is a link on the game page describing the game as “provably fair,” but I don’t have the time and may not have the skills to evaluate it; however, if the game is as described, and unless the mean baseline prize over the life of the site was only 5.5 satoshis, then one would expect the total winnings to be a lot more than 72 satoshis per game.  (Or unless the vast majority of winners then lose their winnings in the hi-lo game also offered…)

Their new DogeCoin site,, appears to have the same problem.

Bryan Chaffin

Hey looper, I think the stats on “games played” refer to the people who gamble on the high/low engine, rather than the faucet. That gambling engine has a 25% house edge, which is one of the reasons I don’t recommend playing it! I know I’ve always gotten paid precisely what I’ve accumulated in the faucet.

This one faucet has paid me more than any other besides BitcoinGet, which isn’t so much a faucet as a micro-work-for-hire service. The lowest payout from makes it one of the highest, if not the highest, hourly faucet. The chance at the higher payments is the icing on the cake to me.

Also, thanks for the tip on their doge faucet. I hadn’t seen that.


Ah - for the reasons you note, I haven’t been playing the hi-lo secondary game, so I forgot about that.  Maybe that’s what it is.  Keep an eye on your statistics, though; I’ve won the 10x prize 20 times and the 100x prize 3 times, which is about right given the ratio between the likelihoods (0.01 and 0.0008)—actually, given 20 at 0.01, I’d only expect 1.6 at 0.0008, so I’m slightly ahead of the odds there.  However, the probability of any prize of 1000x or greater is 0.0007, so one should expect to win about as many of the three largest prizes combined as one wins of the 100x prize (at 0.0008).  Right now I’m looking at the statistics of very small numbers, but if you also have won multiple 100x prizes and none at 1000x or greater, well…  I’ll keep an eye on it, and I’ll follow up here whether I do or do not hit any larger prizes after some more months.

Ed Jones

Very good site (quite new) that pays out every 24 hours. Has a load of offers (like watching videos and filling surveys) and the payouts are pretty big (from 1000 to 400,000 Satoshi on some of them!)



As you note, even the baseline payout from is a relatively high hourly faucet, 330 satoshi at the moment. offers about 280 satoshi per payout on average, with the free bonus roll; best expectation value over many tries is to roll one die, for 1/6 odds of an additional 280 satoshi or about 330 satoshi total on average.  I just found a new one: offers a “gold mining” game that currently offers five tries to hit the jackpot on a 20x20 grid, with an initial payout of 290 satoshi and a jackpot of 5000 satoshi, so the average is around 290 + 5000 * 5 / 400 or about 350 satoshi.  I have received one weekly payout (Mondays if you accumulate 10,000 satoshi), and have hit the jackpot one time in 45 plays (expect one in 80, so I’m slightly ahead).

So I’ve got three faucets totaling about 1000 satoshis per hour; I’m not hurting.  At the risk of sounding ungrateful, though, I’m still waiting to confirm that pays 1000x prizes and above; I’ve picked up a few more 10x and one more 100x prizes since my post above.  I can’t look on the higher prizes as “icing on the cake,” though; if the payout is somehow capped at 100x, that’s the difference between a mean prize over time of 13x the baseline and only 1.2x the baseline!  Again, that means would be merely one of the best hourly faucets rather than ten times better than the next best, but still…

And not to rag on the company, but unless the value of DogeCoin just skyrocketed 60-fold, their sister site has a glitch—the baseline prize for my last draw was only 0.1 DOGE rather than 5 or 6 DOGE as before.  That puts the max prize at about $3, rather than $200 as advertised.


Forgot to mention that is a 50-minute faucet, since I just hit it once an hour with the other three.  Also, the glitch is fixed; baseline was back to 6.3 DOGE just now.

Joyjeet Sahela

Hi Bryan

Here is another faucet that pays to your Bitcoin wallet
here is the link to it

this site has a auto surf feature, just click it and click on any one ad it will keep on viewing the all the ads until it ends, you can even surf adds manually and can also generate free bitcoins by playing, the counter resets every 10 minutes and the minimum you get paid is 0.00003 mBTC

Check it out


Initially, offered me 5 tries to find the “gold,” 5000 satoshi, on a 20x20 grid; after 100 games, it said I’d go to “level 1” with a 0.01 BTC jackpot, but instead this is 6 tries to find the “gold” on the 20x20 grid, and the jackpot is down to 4500 satoshi (I just won it).  Now it’s saying that after 400 games I’ll go to “level 2” with a 0.01 BTC jackpot; I’ll keep you posted as to the conditions (how many tries, how big a grid, if the jackpot is really that big).  Also, they say they have to suspend payments for a couple of weeks to await money from their advertisers; they promise a 10% bonus when they resume on July 23rd.  I’ll let you know how that plays out, as well.


Please consider adding to the list.


Chase Broyles 1 and are now fixed. Sorry about that.

Bryan Chaffin

Thanks, Chase. I updated the faucet list accordingly.


Following up on my comment above.  Turns out I misunderstood what they meant by a “jackpot” of 0.01 BTC—according to their FAQ page, they will hold a drawing for this among all users who reach each “level.”  So the 5000 (now 4500) satoshi bonus is not a “jackpot,” and you don’t get 0.01 BTC for finding the “gold” on the 20x20 grid.  They say they haven’t held any drawings yet, so I’ll post again if they do set the details.

It seems that “level 0” gives you five tries (“pickaxes” to look for the gold) per visit, “level 1” gives you six after 100 visits, and I just reached “level 2” after 400 visits with “level 3” in prospect after 900 visits.  It doesn’t look like the payments increase with each level, but rather that you get additional chances per visit to get the bonus.  I have hit the bonus enough times to be convinced that the game is as described, i.e., “fair.”

Finally, I did get my deferred payout on 7/25, along with the promised 10% bonus.  They say the next payout will also not be weekly (nominally Mondays after accumulating 10,000 satoshi, I think) but rather in late August, with a 25% bonus by way of apology.

I’m still waiting to hit the 1000x or higher payouts on; is 9988 still your best roll?  Remember that you should hit one of the higher payouts (1000x to 100000x) about as often as you hit the 100x payout (4 + 2 + 1 vs. 8 out of 10001).


Please help! Your review says that getbitcoinsquick is easy & straightforward. ..but when I go to, it sure looks like I am Not getting paid! Am I doing something wrong?! (Note: all transactions from are listed as pending, they are 20 satoshi ea., The getbitcoinsquick are supposed to be 100 satoshi ea!)


Thank you for this write-up! I DID figure out my problem!...The getbitcoinsquick page that I go to Says to check balance at!?, yet, per your site, it is Actually at bitchest.! I was going to another faucet that said to check balance at bitchest, and there were payments from getbitcoinsquick! (But please note: the getbitcoinsquick page STILL SAYS TO GO TO COINBOX.ME to check my balance and This is WRONG!)
Thx again,


This is a good list, actually. I’ve spent a lot of time with faucets, and I approve. :D

Anyway, just wanted to say that it’s not really ideal to open 30000 tabs with all your faucets. It would be nice to link them together, thus comes “faucet rotators”. There are many out there, but none are customizable except for this one I found:

Bottom of page > View source. Download all the HTML/JS files, and edit the g.js with your own faucets. It’s amazing.


Please add this Faucet to your List:

Hi There,

Please add in the list of facuets.


Paul Goodwin

Go to and watch the 10 minute Apple Watch movie. amazing!!!

Paul Goodwin

Go to and watch the 10 minute Apple Watch movie. amazing!!!


Nice list, probably you also should add some calculators,like


Hello Bryan,

Thanks for this review. I have just started testing out some of your top faucets. This is my first week testing out faucets. Personally, the best faucet so far is Bitvisitor. You can easily earn 60 μBTC within 2-3 days and that means approximately 120,000 satoshi per week, which pays much more than all other faucets I’ve tested so far. And as soon as you hit 60 μBTC, you receive the payment instantly!

Second, behind Bitvisitor is Moon BitCoin, where you can earn 60 satoshi every 5 minutes. You can earn satoshi even when you’re offline. I’m approaching 10,000 satoshi or 10 μBTC since starting this week.

Other faucets give similar earnings compared to each other but you earn less than Moon BitCoin.

What do you think of reviewing sites that mine coins (e.g., instead of just faucets only? And what about PTC sites (e.g.

BTC Rumor

Can you please add ?

We are paying 150,300 and 450 satoshis.



Updates on,,, and  First, in August BTCRock had some trouble with their advertising service withholding payments because somebody click-bombed their ads; they changed their URL to and resumed operations with new sponsors, however.  Balances accumulated up to that point were placed on hold, and as you noted they cut back prizes and referral rates (they also dropped references on the website to a “jackpot” they were planning to set up), but they did resume making payments for new earnings.  They also promised to pay all “debts,” and I did receive one payment towards that.  However, in early October I noted that the “captcha” was not working, and they have been shut down for a week while they work on it.  So, keep an eye on that one; they have been having some problems, but they genuinely seem to be trying to do right by their members.  By contrast, some of the faucets you’ve removed from this list owed me quite a few satoshis when they went dark…

Just to clarify their game as it stood at the beginning of October—you “mine” for a prize on a 20x20 grid, using “pickaxes” that start at five in number.  You get 35 satoshis per try, and if you hit the prize you get 3700 satoshis; that means each pickaxe is worth 35 + 3700 / 400 = 44.25 satoshis.  You get more pickaxes at quadratic intervals as you play more games—a sixth after 100 games, one more each after 400, 900, 1600, and 2500 games (I’m between the last two so that’s all I’ve seen).

Of the other faucets I use, is running a promotion through the end of 2014 whereby you get a 50% bonus if you send your payments to a wallet, plus a 5000 satoshi bonus if you sign up for through them, though you can still have your winnings sent directly to any wallet you own.  And my doubts about and are growing with time, though again it feels ungrateful to complain since even if the game is not as advertised, their payouts are the most generous I’ve found.  Again, your winnings on these sites are based on a uniformly distributed random number from 0 to 10000; 0-9885 get you a baseline payout (odds of 9886/10001), and 9886-9985, 9986-9993, 9994-9997, 9998-9999, and 10000 get you 10, 100, 1000, 10000, and 100000 times the baseline with odds of 100/10001, 8/10001, 4/10001, 2/10001, and 1/10001 respectively.  This means that you would expect to hit a 1000x prize or larger with 7/10001 odds, so that you should expect to hit one of these after 1429 games on average.  I have played 3102 games on and 1363 on, and while I have hit the 10x and 100x prizes on each site about as often as expected from the odds, I have never hit a higher prize on either.  The odds of this happening by chance are (9994/10001)^(3102+1363), or 4.4%.  Has anybody who’s been playing these sites for several months hit any of the larger prizes?  Looked at another way, I don’t see how they could sustain such a generous prize structure as a business model.  The top prize is pegged at $200 value, and on average you should win it after 10,000 games; if you play ten times a day, an average player should pick it up after less than three years.  Is a single person viewing ads (again, this is not a task-based site) worth that much to advertisers?  It’s ten times better than the next most generous site I’ve found.  Is it really reasonable to think that the prize structure is as described?  I’m not going to quit on them, but honesty ought to be worth something.


Updates on, now, and new  The former went dark for most of October, but they are back and they have swapped out the former, occasionally squirrelly, MintEye captcha for Solve Media.  I have received one weekly payout since the restart, and they are still keeping track of the nearly 3 mBTC they owe me from before they lost their Google Ads account; so, as I said above, they do seem to be trying to do right by their users.

I have also received my first payout from; in 58 plays, I have hit the three lowest prizes (out of seven levels) about as often as expected from the quoted odds.  We’ll see if that trend continues as I play more, or if they start to raise my suspicions as and have.  At the baseline level, with their 25-minute clock, is about twice as generous as, which was the previous champ; however, given the quoted payouts and odds, the average payout over many games is 11 times the baseline, similar to the 13x amplification on, which moves both faucets’ max payouts into “too good to be true” territory.  I’ll continue to keep an eye on both.

Bryan Chaffin

Thanks as always for the info, Looper!

I have also gotten a payout from (didn’t add them to the list until I got that payout, actually), and my wins have also been within expected value for their stated payouts.

Note that they just rejiggered the lowest three tiers a bit to more heavily favor the lowest payout (from 70/25/3.5 to 84/12/2.5), but it’s still the best performing faucet, ahead of even I’ll update the list description in the next few days to reflect that change.


do you allow bitcoin gambling sites with faucet
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R.I.P.; as you noted, this faucet shut down.  Pity; it was twice as generous as, which is now the champ again.

However, and sister site are still stuck in Low relative to their advertised payouts.  I have now played the two a total of 6147 times, which means I should have hit one of the top three prizes (odds of 0.0007 per play) four times, instead of zero.  The odds of this happening by chance are 1.4%, which means I am 98.6% confident that these sites do not pay out more than the lowest three prizes.  (I have hit those about as often as chance indicates).  I also observed that maxed out at a minimum prize of 1000 satoshis a few times in the past week; the prize is scaled to the dollar value of one Bitcoin, but when the price collapsed below $200 recently they put a limit on the prize value in Bitcoin rather than let the values grow to maintain constant dollar value.

Finally, has again been reborn as  They paid me the satoshis I’d won since their last payout (as in November; however, with this reincarnation they dropped the 3 mBTC they owed me since their troubles earlier in the year, and also my referrals.  I have received one weekly payment from them in their new life.

The rules of the game have also changed.  Originally you got five pickaxes to find the gold on a 20x20 grid each game, with a small payout per pickaxe and a larger prize for finding the gold (plus a jackpot that never materialized), and as you played more games you got more pickaxes.  Now you have five pickaxes on a 20x20 grid, but you don’t start fresh each play—you keep mining on the same grid until you find the gold (I did after my first 58 plays, with an expectation of something under 40, so that’s reasonable).  You start with a payout of 100 satoshis per pickaxe and 100,000 if you find the gold; however, in subsequent games the gold payout drops 70% each time until it levels out at 500 satoshis after the sixth game, while the payout per pickaxe climbs to 130 satoshis.  So, you have a regular payout of 650 satoshis per game after a few games.


Sorry to harp on this stuff…  I looked at the quoted odds on USA Faucet, and it looks like another too-good-to-be-true promise.  Prizes are 1200, 12,000, 120,000, 2,400,000, and 48,000,000 satoshis; odds are 95%, 4%, 0.7%, 0.29%, 0.01%.  The average payout over many plays at these odds would be 14,220 satoshis, with most of it coming from the top two prizes, which are large enough to cancel out the low odds.  If, as I am 98.6% confident is true with and, they never let you win the top three prizes and figure you’ll write it off to the low odds, the average payout drops to 1636 satoshis, or 409 per hour since it’s a four-hour faucet; as with those older faucets, this is decent, but not huge.  If you can’t win the top two prizes, the average is 2467 satoshis or 617 per hour.  You would expect to win one of the top three prizes here once in 100 plays, and one of the top two prizes once in 333 plays; let us know if you see those high payouts when you’ve tapped this faucet a few hundred times (a few months, if you take three or four of the six opportunities each day).

Bryan Chaffin

Hey Looper, thanks for the excellent research notes.

My personal belief is that every faucet is weighted unless stipulated otherwise and proven. In the case of, I’ve received the third prize several times, but nothing higher. Like you, I have no proof the highest prizes are awarded.

In short, I agree with your conclusions and your math.

The new USA Faucet is definitely an unknown quantity, being so new.

Lastly, I removed Coindiggerz last night—they’ve been broken for a couple of weeks.

Bryan Chaffin

Oh, and Looper, I very much appreciate your updates. Keep ‘em coming, please. smile


You’re very welcome, Bryan-san.  Of course most faucets are weighted, though I seem to remember a couple that advertised equal odds of several similar prizes.  What I’m calling out is weighting that is advertised to have a certain probability of large prizes but that doesn’t give evidence of delivering on those odds in practice.  And, to reiterate, is still the most generous one I’ve found, even with the caveats…

As for Coindigger (nee BTCRock), they suspended payments as Coindigger dot _biz_ in November.  A week or so ago, however, they sent me one last payment and then were reborn as Coindigger dot _co_, with the revised game I described.  You might want to check them out again, as they have sent me one weekly payment so far (like you, I waited to receive that before writing about them).  After a short ramp-up, they pay 650 satoshis per hour, which is a close second to at present.

Good hunting!


Try this New and High paying Faucet

They pay 3000, 4000, 5000 or 6000 satoshi every 15 min + 20% referral bonus.


An additional dimension to the various faucets is how easy it is to get access to your payouts.  For example, I only use faucets that pay directly to my self-maintained wallet; that leaves out the group, for example—but didn’t you used to have another bunch of associated faucets listed that used another wallet provider?  Did they disappear, and if so were people able to get their satoshis out first?  I don’t want to take that risk.

In another angle, Xapo is the only way to get your payments from, e.g., the new Motherfaucet (which does sound pretty generous), and they are presently offering a promotion to _double_ your winnings on BitcoinZebra if you use them for your payouts.  However, on poking around a bit, I find that they want your home address and the last four digits of your SSN, and ask at least one personal financial question (I bailed before I got very far into the “verification” process, so I don’t know if there are more), before they will let you actually transfer, withdraw, or spend any satoshis you have stashed with them.  Not worth it to me; other readers may be interested in any similar caveats you have found about how easy it is to actually make use of the payouts from various faucets.


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Updates on and; still honest, and relatively generous but still not awarding higher prizes. recently substantially boosted its payouts; its baseline is now about 50% greater than the baseline payout of, the previous champ.  Moreover, its quoted statistics (average payout, odds of rolling a 6 in at least the one-die bonus payout) are, in my experience, honest; by contrast, I have still never hit the top three payouts on (or its sister site, after many thousands of plays, and am well over 99% confident it’s not possible despite quoted odds of 0.07%.  Baseline payouts are still worth a visit, though.  (I’ve also found to be honest, and its usual payout of 650 satoshi is not far behind, 800 satoshi at this writing; in particular, I hit the “find the gold on the first try” prize of 100,000 satoshi once already.)

However, I’m giving up on; its baseline is 1000 satoshi once every three hours, which is only 333 per hour, and though it offers huge higher-level prizes, the actual odds don’t appear to be as quoted.  In about 300 plays I’ve hit the 10,000 satoshi prize three times, instead of twelve as expected with the quoted 4% odds; I’ve never hit a higher prize, rather than three as expected with the cumulative 1% odds.  Worse than that, though, is that the site uses interstitial ads, rather than just ads on the page, and they are usually for scareware or other dubious downloads.  I’m tired of clicking on a button to dismiss the ad, only to have a new tab pop up anyway.  It’s not worth a prize that is only half that of or a quarter that of

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looper and are unchanged, still pegged to a top prize of US $200 in their respective altcoin equivalents, and still not paying out the highest few prizes as advertised. remains honest, and has increased its payouts again, which are now about _double_ that of

On the other hand, has cut its payouts by 20%, so they are now typically less than a third of those at  Considering that I keep having to re-enter my login information there and that they require viewing of video ads and typing a response (sometimes more than once per visit), plus the game responds more slowly than the “die roll” mechanism of other sites, I don’t think they’re worth my time any more.

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looper is still the best I’ve found, averaging about 1500 satoshi per hour at present with a free dice roll bonus that’s worth an additional 250 satoshi on average. now has a minimum payout of about 700 satoshi each hour, with bonuses that don’t pay out as often as advertised ( is about the same, for dogecoin), so only expect the minimum payout.

I just started using, which has a minimum payout of 500 satoshi each hour and advertises higher payouts up to 10,000 satoshi, though I have never won one in several hundred tries.  Their minimum payout fluctuates, and has been as high as 1000 satoshi and as low as 100, so they could drop off the map any time; but their captcha is not burdensome so I’ll keep going with them for awhile.  You must accumulate 100,100 satoshi to request a payout to your wallet, though that has fluctuated too.


Aaaand just boosted the threshold to 150,100 satoshi before they will send your earnings to your wallet.  That’s 301 visits to get a payout; hope you’re stubborn.  By contrast, only requires 5460 balance, and also has a low threshold.

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