iPhone 5s: Identifying which Fingers are Linked to Touch ID

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The iPhone 5s includes Touch ID so you can use your fingerprint as your passcode, and it lets you store prints for up to five different fingers. Unfortunately, each is identified with non-descriptive terms like "Finger 1," and "Finger 2." That may not be overly helpful in keeping track of which fingers you' lined to Touch ID, but Apple did include a surprisingly simple way to sort that out.

To see which finger you associated with each of the five Touch ID entries, do this:

  • Tap Settings
  • Tap General
  • Tap Passcode & Fingerprint
  • Enter your iPhone's passcode to authenticate -- this is one place where you can't use your fingerprint
  • Tap Fingerprints
  • Place your finger on the Home button, and the entry it's linked to will quickly highlight

It's subtle, but touching the Home button shows which Touch ID entry your finger is linked toIt's subtle, but touching the Home button shows which Touch ID entry your finger is linked to

If you touch the Home button with a finger that isn't linked to Touch ID, you won't see any response from your iPhone. Not only is this an easy way to see which Touch ID entries are linked to your fingers, but it's also handy if you can't remember exactly which fingerprints you've given to your iPhone.

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Just imagine your 5s suggesting you not use the finger you pick your nose with ?

Nik Jones

You do seem to be able to edit the ‘names’ of each finger print, press the edit button at the top the screen, the you are able click on the description to change the ‘Finger 1’ etc. description to what ever you need.

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