Startly Technologies Updates QuicKeys for Mac OS X

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Startly Technologies announced the release of QuicKeys 4 for Mac OS X on Wednesday. The update includes more than 60 new features including Abbreviations, Web Actions, MIDI triggers, and the QuicKeys Online service, as well as the following additions:

  • Abbreviations for faster typing in documents
  • QuicKeys Online service that features a searchable shortcut gallery and tutorials
  • Batch Processor for automating the editing of multiple files at once
  • Web Actions for controlling Web sites and Web applications inside Apple's Safari Web browser
  • Shortcut searching and savable Smart Folders
  • Instant Shortcut for quick, temporary recordings of your actions
  • QuicKeys Anywhere remote control app for iPhone/iPod Touch

Available immediately, QuicKeys 4 for Mac OS X is US$59.95 for a single user. Upgrades from prior versions start at US$29.95. Multi-user licenses are also available. QuicKeys4 can be purchased directly from Startly Technologies.

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