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RE: Apple's Failure to Scale Nice podcast on topic.

RE: Apple's Failure to Scale

Yea, but trucks are not halo products, they are not products driven by a demographic that is aspirational to others. Further, real truck owners don't go around making recommendations to many others about sedans. So the car analogy has it's limits, although I think it's a fair and good analogy. Further, I disagree that the problem is for the Pro users that stopped recommending apple. It's a problem for apple whenn influencers stop influencing towards apple as that is simply a scenario of lost sales for apple. Those pro level folks simply do make tons of recommendations and influence a…

RE: Apple's Failure to Scale

"Yeah but where?" Thanks for making my point.

RE: Apple's Failure to Scale

Forget the headless mac. How about an iMac with a drive bigger than 3tb for starters.

RE: Apple's Failure to Scale

@Shameer. Thanks. I like you article very much. But it glosses over the professionals' needs. I suggest you read through the comments of the macrumors forum. The people there are leaving the apple Eco system, and many are responsible for many other sales through their tastemaker status. Further, it's pretty indisputable that the mac line has been neglected and Apple is selling stale, second class hardware at the moment. Even if we disregard the professionals needs, having an entire product line that is neglected and relegated to second class status cannot be good for any company, much less Apple. At…

RE: The John Sculley Interview: Apple's DNA, Walks With Steve Jobs and More

Wow, what a stupendous job Bryan. First interview in a very long time where I've heard something actually new on the long and interesting mythology of Apple. Great job! And it's nice to see John getting more candid over time. It's super interesting to hear how he wanted to follow out Steve's vision, and you know, he did just that. He took the mac and ran it through it's cycle. But it shows how important it is to have visionaries around, to produce the next gen. which John freely cops to not being his forte. You get the feeling he…

RE: The 'New' Mac Pro Is a Failure

64cores exist too Some crazy powerful systems out there...

RE: Apple Doesn't Have to Make the 'Best' TV Shows to Be Successful

What's silly is you don't consider what makes beats 1 special, not the music that is available everywhere, but the DJs spouting whatever nonsense they spout, which is original content. Their little call ins. Talking to the little kids about what they like for music on air so everyone goes awwww, all that radio stuff. That's all original content not found elsewhere.

RE: iPad/iPhone Apps Should Run as 'Desk Touch Apps' in OS X

Kinda already in the article. You can't copy/paste from your mac to your iPhone from your desktop and vice versa (at least not without some kind of kludgy app). You cannot see two apps side by side on your iPhone as your iPhone only lets you see one app at a time, and even on windows phones, only 2 at a time. Making iPhone apps as part of a more powerful desktop environment can bring about all kinds of new workflows. As for iWatch, let's hold off and see if/what happens.

RE: iPad/iPhone Apps Should Run as 'Desk Touch Apps' in OS X

cube fan, craigf, I think the important thing to note here is I'm not advocating a vertical touch screen. What is cool about the Xcode emulator is it currently works on your mac, with your mouse or touchpad, and it works well. You don't need any new hardware to gain the benefits. Now Apple could make some of the gestures work even better in the emulator. And of course, the wouldn't use an actual emulator. They'd take that tech and develop it so you don't need to be a developer for it to work. You just double click on an…