Frax, Beautiful Way to Explore Fractals on your iPhone and iPad

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There's a very cool app called Frax that offers a beautiful way to explore the world of fractals and fractal math. I found it when reading an excellent piece at CNet about how Apple's A7 processor in the iPhone 5s speeds performance in the Frax app by 90 percent. This is because the math used by Frax is particularly well suited to take advantage of the A7's 64-bit nature, as well as some other technical issues in the A7. That's super cool, and all, especially in light of the Great Qualcomm A7 Dis of 2013, but whoa boy, the Frax app is cool! The screenshots show some of the amazing imagery Frax generates, but that's just the tip of the fractal iceberg. When you're actually running the app, you can zoom in endlessly on the fractal landscapes, move them around, change the colors, animate the landscapes, change the lighting, and more. Frax for iPhone is US$1.99 and Frax HD for iPad is $3.99. There are in-app purchases you can get, too.


Check It Out: Frax, Beautiful Way to Explore Fractals on your iPhone and iPad

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Just bought the iPad version. The interface is superb. Way cool.

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