Get News and Push Notifications for Your Favorite Bands with Artist Radar

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Check out this new app called Artist Radar for iPhone and iPad. It will send you push notifications when your favorite band or recording artist releases a new album, song, ebook, audiobook, TV show, movie or concert tickets. Cool, right? Subscribe to your any band you want to follow, and this app will let you know when they're releasing new stuff or playing a concert. It's a free app, and it contains links to buying albums and videos on iTunes. They even have my old band, The Atomic Love Bombs, so that's pretty darned awesome (to me). I've downloaded the app and added some bands, as shown in the screenshots below. After I've had some time to see how the news section works, I'll post a review if I like it, but I love the idea of being notified when bands I love are coming to town.


Check It Out: Get News and Push Notifications for Your Favorite Bands with Artist Radar

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Is it significantly different from SongKick?


I downloaded the app and the difference to SongKick is that it supports more than just concerts. You get notified about music, TV show, movie and ebook releases. Kind of a one fits all solution. I think it is pretty cool. Found all of my bands and some good old actors. Lol, not sure whether they ever release new stuff but hey who knows grin

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