Steve Jobs Time Capsule and Lisa Mouse Found in Colorado

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On June 15, 1983, Steve Jobs gave a talk at the Aspen Design Conference in Aspen, Colorado. He was, as usual, his visionary self, predicting things like ubiquitous portable email, the iPad, wireless networking, and more (the full speech is available for your listening pleasure). He used an Apple Lisa to manage a six-projector setup and, after the speech, conference organizers asked Jobs for something they could include in a conference-themed "time tube" (because tubes are cooler than capsules): after brief contemplation Jobs surrendered his Lisa's mouse and into the time tube it went. Since then the time tube was lost to, well, time. Time and re-landscaping. Lost, that is, until National Geographic's Diggers did what they do, and they found it. And yes, the mouse was there, in tact and pristine. Thanks to CNET for publishing the video.

Check It Out: Steve Jobs Time Capsule and Lisa Mouse Found in Colorado

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