V-Moda Releases BoomPro Mic for Headphones

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V-Moda launched the BoomPro, a universal boom microphone for headphones. The device is aimed at DJs, gamers, and Skype users looking for a high-quality microphone to use with their headphones. You might remember that I went nuts over V-Moda's Crossfade M-100 over-the-ear headphones. I'm still nuts about them and use them every day. A microphone to match the quality of the Crossfade M-100s seems pretty cool. The mic's arm is made of SteelFlex, the cable is kevlar-coated and has volume controls on it. BoomPro is priced at US$30. The company also launched CoilPro, a high quality coiled cable aimed at DJs for $30.


Check It Out: V-Moda Releases BoomPro Mic for Headphones

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