iPhone 7 Plus Ship Times Hold at 3-4 Weeks or Higher

· Bryan Chaffin · Product News

Screenshot Showing iPhone 7 Plus Availability

Wait times for Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus remain at 3-4 weeks or 3-5 weeks, with none showing less than 3 weeks as of this writing. Almost 7 weeks after the initial ship date, that’s an unusual delay for Apple, and the question is why.

Tim Cook's Message to Employees after Election: 'Move Forward Together'

· Bryan Chaffin · News

Apple CEO Tim Cook during Mac

Apple CEO Tim Cook sent a company-wide email to employees Wednesday evening encouraging them to “move forward.” While he didn’t name President Elect Donald Trump or his defeated rival, Hillary Clinton, by name, the theme of the email was that the election shouldn’t divide employees.

Stick It In (or On) Your Ear

· Bob LeVitus · Dr. Mac's Rants & Raves

The Klipsch S4i is still my favorite reasonably-priced headset.

Dr. Mac doesn’t care much for Apple’s EarPods, so, he’s always testing alternatives—both earphones (in-the-ear) and headphones (on-the-ear and over-the-ear)—looking for standouts. After testing more than a dozen different brands and models this year, he’s found several that stand above the rest at prices you can afford.

Apple Offers Refurb iPhone 6s/Plus on Apple Store Starting at $449

· Bryan Chaffin · Product News

Screenshot of iPhone 6s Refurb Models on Apple Store Online

Apple began offering refurbished iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus devices on the Apple Store Tuesday. Refurbished iPhone 6s models start at US$449 with 16GB of storage, while 16GB iPhone 6s Plus models start at $529. 64GB iPhone 6s Plus are currently priced at $589.

Apple Follows Mystery iTunes 12.5.3 Update with Bonus Mystery iTunes 12.5.3 Update

· Bryan Chaffin · Product News

About iTunes

You remember that iTunes 12.5.3 update Apple released a couple of days ago? The one where the patch notes were the same as the patch notes from iTunes 12.5.2? Well good news. There’s a new iTunes 12.5.3 update waiting for you in the Mac App Store. It’s a new build of the same update. And oh yeah, the patch notes explain nothing.

Apple Starts Activating Single Sign-On for Apple TV Beta Users

· Jeff Gamet · News

A view of the Apple TV home screen with apps

Apple TV’s promised single sing-on feature is finally starting to roll out tvOS 10.1 and 10.2 developer beta users. Single sign-on isn’t available to the public yet, but the fact that developers have it means the official release isn’t too far off.

Plugable Claims New MacBook Pro Doesn't Recognize Some Thunderbolt 3 Docks

· Bryan Chaffin · Product News

A woman using Touch Bar on MacBook Pro

Device maker Plugable said Thursday that Apple’s new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is incompatible with Thunderbolt 3 docks that use a particular Texas Instrument chip. If accurate, it means at least some early Thunderbolt 3 docks already on the market will not work with Apple’s newest Mac laptop.

CMRA Adds a Camera to Your Apple Watch Band, But in a Cool Way

· Jeff Gamet · Product News

Glide CMRA Apple Watch camera band

Remember Samsung’s watchband camera tumor on the Galaxy Gear smartwatch? The idea was interesting but the execution fell flat—a mistake Glide doesn’t plan on making with its CMRA watchband camera for the Apple Watch. The CRMA goes a step further, too, by including a second FaceTime-style camera.

3 Products with Fatal Flaws (at least for Dr. Mac)

· Bob LeVitus · Dr. Mac's Rants & Raves

Beddi Clock Radio for iPhone

Dr. Mac looks at three newish products that may suit your needs—an app-controlled alarm clock; tiny wireless earbuds; and a canless canned air system—but have one or more fatal flaws for him.

Apple's AirPods Won't Ship Until 2017

· Jeff Gamet · News

Apple AirPods delayed past October

If you were planning on picking up Apple’s AirPods wireless earpods this holiday season, ger ready to be disappointed because it looks like they won’t be shipping until January 2017 at the earliest. Apple originally promised AirPods would ship in late October, but has since changed their status to “Currently unavailable” with no projected ship date.

Function Key MacBook Pro Teardown Shows Smaller Battery, Removable SSD

· Jeff Gamet · News

13inch Retina MacBook Pro tear down

It doesn’t take long after a new Apple product launch for iFixit to strip it down to its frame, and that’s exactly what happened with the late 2016 Retina MacBook Pro with function keys. Inside they found a smaller battery, removable custom SSD, and more.

Apple iTunes 12.5.3 Update Released, Contents Remain a Mystery

· Bryan Chaffin · Product News

iTunes 12.x Icon

Apple released iTunes 12.5.3 late on Monday. It’s unclear what the update actually changes because the accompanying patch notes are the same as patch notes that came with iTunes 12.5.2, and that’s true both in the Mac App Store and on Apple’s Support site.

Apple Music Reportedly Getting a Big Price Cut

· Jeff Gamet · News

Apple Music price discount

A new report claims Apple Music is getting a big price cut in time for the holiday season with the regular US$9.99 a month deal dropping to $7.99. The family package pricing will drop, too, assuming the tenuous report is right.

Samsung, LG OLED Race Hints at New Displays for 2017 iPhone

· Jeff Gamet · News

Samsung and LG are fighting to win OLED screen contracts from Apple

The fight is on to be the supplier for next year’s iPhone OLED displays. Samsung and LG are hoping to get a slice of that pie, and their fight all but confirms Apple is dropping LCD in favor of OLED for iPhone screens in 2017 or 2018.

Apple Kills Start Up Chime in New MacBook Pro Models

· Jeff Gamet · News

No more startup chime for new Retina MacBook Pro models

Apple has been on a killing spree of sorts with its new MacBook Pro models. The physical Escape key and function keys are gone, the traditional USB A and mini DisplayPort/Thunderbolt 2 ports are gone, the SD Card slot and MagSafe are gone, and the iconic startup chime is missing, too. It’s sad to see—or hear—the startup chime go, but it seems Apple has a reason for axing the sound.

Here's What You Need to Know About USB-C and Thunderbolt 3

· Jeff Gamet · News

Touch Bar Retina MacBook Pro with USB-C ports

The MacBook introduced USB-C to Apple’s laptop lineup in 2015, and the just announced Retina MacBook Pro with Touch Bar gives us Thunderbolt 3—which looks exactly like USB-C. Not sure what the differences are and how they affect you? Read on to learn more.

Apple Fixes 2 Bugs in iTunes 12.5.2 Update

· Bryan Chaffin · Product News

iTunes 12.x Icon

Apple released iTunes 12.5.2 on Thursday. The update fixes two bugs, one dealing with album playback order, and the other an issue with lyrics showing in Beats 1.

Apple Discontinues 11-inch MacBook Air, MagSafe Now on Death Row

· Jeff Gamet · Product News

11-inch MacBook Air discontinued after

Farewell, 11-inch MacBook Air, we knew you well. Apple dropped the diminutive Mac laptop from its online store on Thursday following the “hello again” event where new Retina MacBook Pro models were introduced. The 13-inch MacBook Air is still available, but now the 12-inch MacBook is the smallest screen laptop Apple offers.

Apple Adds Support for 3 Video Codecs in Sierra and El Cap

· Bryan Chaffin · Product News

Final Cut Pro X Icon

Apple released Pro Video Formats v2.0.5, an update to the video codecs supported in OS X El Capitan and macOS Sierra. The update comes out at the same time as Final Cut Pro X 10.3, which was announced during Apple’s “hello again” media event.

Apple Retail Stores Set Stanchions Overnight, Hints at New Product Availability Today

· Jeff Gamet · News

Apple retail stores are preparing for long lines ahead of today's

Some Apple retail stores began setting up the stanchions they use for long product launch lines overnight. With Apple’s “hello again” media event kicking off in a few hours, the stanchions may be a hint that whatever is announced today may be available right away—and that the company expects loads of people will want it.