Apple Beta Testing Improved iCloud Photos Interface

· Jim Tanous · Product News

icloud photos beta

Apple is now beta testing a number of improvements to Photos, including a new sidebar, easier navigation between photos, and initial support for the Touch Bar on the 2016 MacBook Pro.

Apple Tells NHTSA That All Autonomous Car Prototypes Are Created Equal

· Jim Tanous · News

autonomous cars

Apple reignited interest in its autonomous car project with a letter to Federal regulators arguing that “new entrants” into the autonomous vehicle industry should have just as many rights as the established automakers when it comes to testing prototypes on public roads.

UK Study Finds 99% of Fake iPhone Chargers Fail Safety Test

· Jim Tanous · News

fake iphone charger fire

Sure, that counterfeit iPhone charger on Amazon is less than half the price of a real one, but according to a recent UK study, it may also kill you. When it comes to electricity, you probably shouldn’t be too frugal.

Apple Adds Online Form for Checking iPhone 6s Battery Replacement Eligibility

· Bryan Chaffin & Jim Tanous · Product News

iphone 6s battery replacement serial number

Apple added an online form for checking your iPhone 6s eligibility for a battery replacement program. The program itself was announced in November, but it was initially up to customers to figure out if their serial number was eligible. The form allows owners to simply enter that serial number and be told if it’s eligible.

Apple to Unleash a Fleet of Flying Drones to Improve Maps Data

· Jim Tanous · News

apple maps drones

Apple Maps has come a long way, but still trails Google in many areas. Apple is therefore preparing a fleet of flying drones to take to the skies in an effort to greatly increase the volume and accuracy of the company’s mapping data.

¡Buenas noticias! Apple Pay Now Available in Spain

· Jim Tanous · News

apple pay spain

Apple today rolled out Apple Pay in Spain, partnering with select credit card issuers and retailers to bring its secure mobile payment service to customers. Spain is the 13th country to support the service as Apple continues its steady Apple Pay expansion.

Apple Says It's Working to Fight iCloud Calendar Spam

· Jim Tanous · News

The iCloud Calendar spam problem is getting worse, and users are helpless to stop it. Thankfully, Apple has confirmed that it’s working on a solution, but we don’t yet know how much of this questionable canned meat we’ll need to swallow before the company gets this right.

Netflix Finally Introduces Offline Viewing for iOS & Android

· Jim Tanous · Product News

netflix offline iphone

Want to binge on your favorite Netflix shows but can’t spare the mobile bandwidth? Netflix today finally introduced offline viewing for iOS and Android, letting users download select TV shows and movies for viewing anywhere, regardless of connectivity.

Apple Schedules Annual iTunes Connect Holiday Shutdown

· Jim Tanous · News

santa sorry were closed

Developers take note! iTunes Connect, the developer portal for all of Apple’s digital platforms, has scheduled its annual holiday shutdown. Get your app submissions and holiday sales data scheduled now!

Students in 25 More Countries Can Now Save 50% on Apple Music

· Jim Tanous · News

apple music students

Is your college pen pal jealous of your Apple Music student discount? Well, there’s now a good chance that they, too, can get in on the money saving action. Apple this week expanded the availability of its Apple Music student pricing to 25 additional countries.

Grab the New iOS-Inspired 5K Color Burst Wallpapers for Mac

· Jim Tanous · Product News

Do you love those colorful iOS 10 wallpapers? It looks like they’ll soon be available in the next update to macOS Sierra, but here’s how you can download them now in full 5K resolution.

Next iPhone to Sport Wireless Charging Like Apple Watch

· Jeff Gamet · News

2017 iPhone to get wireless charging

2017 is the year the iPhone finally gets wireless charging. That’s the word, according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who says Apple plans to bring inductive charging to the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models with next fall’s refresh.

Next iPhone May Sport 3D Camera

· Jeff Gamet · News

iPhone to get 3D camera support

Apple’s 2017 iPhone refresh may sport dual-camera 3D photo support based on LG Innotek camera technology. That sounds pretty cool and could be a sign Apple is ready to add adjustable depth of field and 3D image support to the iPhone lineup.

Apple Black Friday 2016 Deals Revealed

· Bryan Chaffin · News

Apple Black Friday Promotion Banner

Apple’s Black Friday deals are in. As expected, they’re the same as the ones in Australia revealed earlier in the day: a free gift cards with a purchase. The company is offering US$25 gift cards with an Apple Watch Series 1, up to $50 with an iPhone, up to $100 with an iPad, and a $150 gift card with a Mac.