Cake Turns Your Apple Watch Into an iPhone (Sort Of)

Can you imagine leaving your iPhone at home but still staying connected? A new product called Cake can do just that by converting your Apple Watch into a “playful, functional handheld device.”

Cake has features that let you make calls, message, navigate, play music, use Apple Pay, and even jot down voice notes and memos – all from your pocket, where you’d be keeping your Apple Watch in the Cake case instead of your iPhone.

Of course, all the functionalities we talked about above are only possible when your Apple Watch is cellular; otherwise, you’d have to carry your iPhone with you, and the entire purpose of this case would be defeated.

But the key selling point is the freedom from the constant temptation of your phone. Cake wants to eliminate the ability to endlessly scroll through social media, binge-watch videos, or get sucked into online shopping and addictive games.

But would it really work?

One major question mark surrounds how Cake will handle security. Apple Watches lock frequently when not worn, requiring a PIN to unlock. We have asked the question but the Cake’s creators haven’t revealed how they’ll address this.

When I did my testing, I tried to keep my Apple Watch intact with my PC’s metallic surface, and after entering the PIN, my Apple Watch wasn’t locking up again and again, like it usually does when it’s not on a wrist.

But then again, if I’d be keeping it in my pocket, it is highly unlikely that it’ll stay unlocked next time I pull it out. I couldn’t find any piece of hardware from Cake’s limited images that’d cover the back of the Apple Watch to keep it from locking.

Or perhaps, this is how it is supposed to work – one has to unlock it every time they take out their phone, I mean their Watch from their pockets. If this is the case, I personally won’t be inclined towards buying it. Again, just a personal preference.

One more thing that I noticed, and honestly, it is clearly visible is how closely the looks of Cake resemble the newly introduced Rabbit R1, to the point that Cake looks like a smaller version of R1, a pocketable AI assistant and gadget created by the AI startup Rabbit.

It’s made to act as a universal controller for apps, similar to Alexa or Google Assistant. Rabbit R1 has to be the inspiration for the design team.

Here’s how to learn more about Cake:

  • Their website or social media have more information about the device.
  • The Kickstarter campaign will likely reveal more details about the device, including its approach to security and unlocking.

Is Cake an iPhone killer?

While Cake offers an intriguing way to use your Apple Watch more independently, the jury’s out on whether it can truly replace your iPhone. The success hinges on how they address the locking mechanism and how much functionality the device offers compared to a phone.

For those seeking a digital detox and a way to use their Apple Watch’s potential, Cake is worth keeping an eye on. But for now, it might be best to hold off on ditching your iPhone entirely.

One thought on “Cake Turns Your Apple Watch Into an iPhone (Sort Of)

  • This is amazing. The perfect device for people who want to live a phone-free life is a smartwatch. But not the Apple Watch. It is a truly standalone (does not require any other device for anything, including setup, although I would accept it if it required a Mac; I do NOT want to own a standard smartphone, not even for free!) and has a telescopic rotating retractable camera, protected from dust and sweat when hidden in what seems the crown neck. Besides, the telescopic camera is a great safety and privacy bonus, since it is only visible and active when you extract it manually.

    It is like a miniaturized smartwatch with all its capabilities. You carry it in your wrist and do not notice it. Your hands and mind are free. You do not lose it. Not even thieves look for it. You can sleep with it and use a vibrating alarm to not disturb others when needed.

    Amazingly, it costs about 100 USD ($), although I would buy one for ~1,000 from Apple if they made it as well. Unfortunately, they do not do it yet. But at least I have the cheaper one.

    One last word. It is really amazing. It has changed my life!

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