Constrained Inventory Leaves AirPods Buyers Empty Handed

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Line outside University Park Village Apple Store in Fort Worth, Texas, for AirPods

Hopeful shoppers lined up early Monday morning in a mostly fruitless effort to buy Apple’s AirPods today instead of waiting until January for online orders to ship. AirPods are backordered six weeks, but the company said the wireless earpods would be available in its retail stores on Monday, December 19th.

Here's Why a Plastic OLED Display iPhone Is a Good Thing

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Apple may use Plastic OLED displays for the 2017 iPhone

A new report claims Apple’s next iPhone will replace the glass LED display with curved Plastic OLED. On the surface that sounds like a bad idea because plastic, after all, scratches much easier than glass—but in this case, “Plastic OLED” doesn’t mean “plastic display.”

GorillaPower 5-Port USB & Power Dock: $59.99

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GorillaPower 5-Port USB & Power Dock

We have a deal for you today on the GorillaPower 5-Port USB & Power Dock. This charging station has five ports and slots to hold your devices, too. It also has two two-way AC outlets, meaning you can plug the device into the wall, but you can also plug a computer into dock. This device is priced at $59.99 through us, 33% off retail.

The First Rule of The Darknet Is Don’t Talk About The Darknet – Mac Geek Gab 636

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It’s true, John and Dave – and you, fellow listeners – have gone acronym crazy! BYOD is discussed, as is TOR browser on iOS and elsewhere. RAM performance under Sierra makes an appearance as do a TON of tips, especially one for speeding up Safari on slower Macs. VPN makes an appearance in this acronym show (as it should!), and then we have some gift guide suggestions from your fellow listeners. Press play and enjoy!

What You Get for Super Mario Run's $10 In-app Purchase

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Super Mario Run lets you play levels for 20 seconds after you complete the first thee

Super Mario Run for the iPhone and iPad is free to play, but that’s a little misleading. Without making the US$9.99 in-app purchase to unlock all of the game’s levels, there isn’t much you can do. Read on to see what your ten dollars gets you.

A Great Story about Steve Wozniak Teaching 5th Graders in 1995

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I love this story from Vice Motherboard. So much. It was penned by Syambra Moitozo, a former student of Steve Wozniak’s back when he was teaching elementary school. It’s a lovely look back at the 1995 school year, when Mr. Wozniak taught the 5th grade class of a Santa Cruz elementary school where his own daughter was enrolled. He bought the class computers, pulled apart floppy drives to show them what each part did, and spoiled them with McDonald’s Happy Meals. It has some wonderful images, all owned by Getty, so you’ll need to go read the article to see them. One of them brings joy to my heart and a grin to my face. The quote below also made me laugh out loud, alone in my office working at my desk.

Looking back now, I think “The Woz” being something of a tech God was lost on us, as were many things when we were 10. I think we all just thought of him as Sara’s cool, super smart dad who made computers. We also thought it was cool that another girl’s dad was a firefighter, and that our class pet rabbit would eat pretty much anything you fed it. We were kids.

A Great Story about Steve Wozniak Teaching 5th Graders in 1995

Super Mario Run Collects $5 Million in Coins in 24 Hours

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Super Mario Run has garnered as many as five million downloads and US$5 million in revenue in just the first 24 hours since the game launched. VentureBeat rounded up estimates from three third party app metric services, with two of the three offering estimates in that range. If accurate, it would represent a 20% conversion rate of people who have download the free-to-download game. Nintendo gives users access to three levels, plus a tiny taste of the boss level, in the free download. For $9.99, users can unlock the whole game. $5 million is not a lot of money to a company like Apple—and Apple’s cut would be roughly $1.5 million—but it’s likely to be significant for any gaming company. Especially in the first 24 hours. Mobile gaming is big, and Apple has been pushing Super Mario Run hard (as Jeff and I discussed in Friday’s Daily Observations). It would seem that Apple’s user base is responding well to that push. Just for fun, the game’s trailer is below.

Apple Trying to Beef Up Battery Engineering Team

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Stylized car battery with Apple logo

In the wake of ongoing complaints about battery performance and reporting on MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, Apple is looking to beef up its battery-engineering team. 9to5Mac noted the company just added two positions related to batteries, Battery Algorithm Analysis Engineer and System Power and Control Architect.

Apple's TV App Reveals its Plight with Television Industry

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CW app on Apple TV doesn't require cable subscription

From time to time, we’ve seem articles that explain Apple’s plight with its TV business. But John has found a splendidly complete diagnosis at The Verge  for this week’s focus. It examines the deepest motivations of Apple, it’s clash with the entertainment industry, its successes and failures, and how that has, in turn, affected Apple TV software design and customer perceptions.

AirPods Available in Apple's Retail Stores on Dec 19

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AirPods in Apple Stores on December 19

If you missed out on ordering your AirPods for a pre-Christmas delivery, there’s still a chance you might get ahold of a pair because they’ll be available in Apple’s retail stores on Monday, December 19th. Don’t, however, get your hopes up because this will likely mirror the Apple Pencil launch where “available in store” really means “good luck with that.”

Firewatch Comes to Mac App Store

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When Firewatch launched on Steam back in February the internet pretty much went crazy over the game, and now it’s available as a native Mac title. The game tasks you with solving a mystery while working as a firewatcher in Wyoming. The graphics are beautiful, the story is intriguing, and the only help you get comes from another firewatcher talking over your portable radio. Firewatch costs US$19.99 on Apple’s Mac App Store, and if you haven’t played it yet get ready to have a very unproductive weekend.

Firewatch Comes to Mac App Store

Super Mario Run Already the Top Grossing App Store Title

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Super Mario Run is already the top grossing and top free game download at Apple's App Store

Nintendo released Super Mario Run for the iPhone and iPad Thursday afternoon, and by early Friday morning it was already the top grossing and top free title on Apple’s App Store. The game is a free download with a US$9.99 in-app purchase to unlock extra levels, and considering Mario’s top spot on the App Store plenty of players are happy to pay up.

ActiveInbox, an Gmail Task Manager: $24.95

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ActiveInbx on a MacBook, iPhone, Android

We have a different sort of deal for you today on ActiveInbox, a Chrome-browser-based Gmail task manager. The company has an iOS app, too. Our deal is for one year of access to ActiveInbox for $24.95, which is 37% off retail. There are deals for longer licenses on the same page, too.