Apple Pay Expands with Causemo And GoDaddy

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On Wednesday, Apple added domain registrar GoDaddy and startup Causemo to Apple Pay. Apple has steadily expanded the list of retailers and other companies who accept Apple Pay online, increasing the service’s footprint.

Minix NEO C Mini USB-C to HDMI: Low Cost, Low Weight

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Minix NEO C Mini

The Minix NEO C Mini is the little brother of the USB-C NEO C Multiport Adapter Dock previously reviewed. This smaller, less expensive model supports only pass-through power, HDMI (UHD) and two USB-A ports. It’s also half the price. John liked it a lot and highly recommends it for the Apple MacBook and new 2016 MacBook Pro.

Monowear Leather Deployant Band for Apple Watch

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One of the things I miss most about my Zenith now that I wear Apple Watch almost exclusively is the deployant clasp. This is a kind of buckle that folds/unfolds and closes with a snap. A quality deployant clasp is…simply lovely to use. With my Apple Watch Series 2, I have a nylon strap (that I like) that uses an old-fashioned buckle. It’s like I’m some king of animal, or something. And yes, I’m so kidding, but I love a good deployant clasp. A friend was shopping for third party Apple Watch straps and pointed me to Monowear’s Leather Deployant Band. At $89.99 (currently on sale for $71.99), it’s inexpensive for a real-leather strap with a deployant clasp (YMMV on whether that’s inexpensive). I haven’t tested one yet, but I’m intrigued. I like the stitching, and they do a variety of metal finishes and leather colors.

Monowear Leather Deployant Band for Apple Watch

Apple Support App for iPhone, iPad Comes to US App Store

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The Apple Support app for the iPhone and iPad is now available in the U.S. App Store, making it easier for Apple product users to schedule Genius Bar appointments and get other help. The app lists all of the Apple products registered to you, offers tips and suggestions, schedule repair appointments, schedule support calls, and more. The app is a free download at the App Store and in addition to helping you out it’s a shocking reminder for how may Apple products we’re buying.

Apple Support App for iPhone, iPad Comes to US App Store

4 Apps for Seeing Your Mac's Battery Time Remaining [Updated]

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Apple removed the battery time remaining estimate in macOS 10.12.2

Apple took away the time remaining estimate from its Battery menu bar widget in macOS 10.12.2 presumably because it was inaccurate and confusing. That’s a problem because a lot of MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook users rely on the time estimate to get an idea of how long they can go before they have to find a power outlet. Even though Apple deemed the time remaining estimate unnecessary, other developers get that it’s an important feature. Read on to see some of TMO’s favorite battery monitoring apps.

Preview: How to Create Encrypted PDFs

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If you need to send a PDF with sensitive information on it through email, then encrypt it first! Please? OK, so calling someone to give him a password isn’t the most convenient thing on earth, but it’s better than having your data compromised. Especially if said data is your social security number. Come on in to read Melissa Holt’s Quick Tip on how to protect your PDFs!

Something Strong Sweatproof Bluetooth Earphones

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Something Strong Sweatproof Bluetooth Earphones

We have a deal for you today on a pair of Something Strong Sweatproof Bluetooth earphones. Aimed at the workout crowd, these earphones are sweat-proof. They use Bluetooth to get a signal from your iPhone (or Android device), and connect to each other behind your head through a cable. They’re just $19.99 through us.

Here Are the 104 New Emojis in iOS 10.2

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Some of the new emojis in iOS 10.2

Yesterday Apple released the long-awaited update to iPhone: iOS 10.2. With this version, iPhone users can make use of 104 new emojis. There’s nothing specifically telling you which ones are new, however, so we gathered them together for you.

How Apple’s End-User Data and Storage Architecture is Evolving

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A warm fuzzy storage architecture

Once upon a time we had a Mac. Or two. We backed them up with an external drive and Time Machine. Then we had an iPhone. We backed it up and updated it with iTunes on our Mac. The digital hub. Simple.  However, over the years, our devices and data have proliferated as Apple has expanded its products and services. Today, we’re in flux. There are few warm fuzzies. We’re not yet where we hope and need to be.

PSA: iOS 10.2 Sets Live Photo to Always On

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Live Photo active in the iOS 10.2 Camera app

Apple’s iOS 10.2 update for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch add new emojis and fix several bugs—and it also forces Live Photos to on by default. If you’d rather not go all Harry Potter with every photo it’s easy to change the Camera app’s behavior. Follow along with TMO’s tip to learn how.

AirPods Already Backordered into January

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AirPods showing four week delay after first hour of availability

Well, that didn’t take long. Apple’s AirPods went from a December 21st delivery to a four week delay in about an hour. Apple can say AirPods shipped before the Christmas holiday, but at the expense of loads of angry customers who have to wait until some time in 2017 to see theirs.