Urban Armor Gear Launches Nato Strap for Apple Watch

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Last month Urban Armor Gear (UAG) launched two Apple Watch straps: The Active strap and the Leather strap. Today the company added a third strap called the Nato Strap. Built for everyday adventures, the Nato Strap for Apple Watch is designed for dependability. A combination of materials – high strength nylon and stainless steel hardware- gives you the strength, durability and comfort you need to keep going further. It features custom stainless steel lugs and buckles to provide the peace of mind you need to take your watch on any adventure. Designed with double-layered high strength nylon to be one of the strongest straps available, the Nato Strap provides the dependability you need without sacrificing style or comfort. Available for US$49.95.

Urban Armor Gear Launches Nato Strap for Apple Watch

DIY: How to Make Apple Watch Bands

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Andrew O’Hara put together a neat DIY video on how to make Apple Watch bands. He tells you what parts and tools you”ll need and how to put it all together.

By putting the band together yourself, you have so many more options opened up to you. Your watch can now represent you and your style without being limited by the Apple Watch market or the steep markups we see for the best bands.

Sell these on Etsy and use words like “bespoke” and “artisanal.” You’ll be drowning in cash.

Juuk Apple Watch Band with Deployant Buckle and Metal Bracelet

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I love a good deployant clasp for a watch, but there aren’t many Apple Watch straps that feature them. I’ve been wearing one from Monoware that I like, but I found another line I want to check out, too. It’s the Juuk line from MyAppleWatchBand.com. It features metal bracelets in solid red, silver, and dark gray (at $119), or you can get a racing stripe down the middle like the three I picked below (at $149). The bracelets are made of anodized aluminum, while the double push button butterfly deployant buckle is made from 316L stainless steel. I’ll let you know what I think once I’ve used one.

Juuk Apple Watch Band with Deployant Buckle and Metal Bracelet

Nike Unveils VaporMax Flyknit Apple Watch Bands

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Nike Day to Night VaporMax Flyknit running shoes and matching Apple Watch bands

Nike wants your Apple Watch to match your shoes, so the company is launching a new line Nike+ of sport bands. The “Day to Night” line match the company’s Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit running shoes with color coordinated Apple Watch Nike+ bands.

Apple Loves Outdated Tech and Gives up on Social Media, Plus Electrified LEGO - ACM 403

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Apple Context Machine Logo

Apple appears to be increasingly comfy offering yesterday’s technology at today’s prices, and Bryan and Jeff are all cranky about it. They also talk about Brixo, chrome-plated and electrified LEGO bricks, and Apple’s new Clips app and what it means for social media. Oh, and Jeff had to edit out an F-bomb because Bryan got all ranty.

Apple Facebook Commercial Promotes Spring 2017 Apple Watch Bands

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Apple has a new commercial promoting its Spring 2017 collection of new Apple Watch bands. The spot hasn’t appeared on YouTube yet, but it is available on Facebook. In 15 seconds, the commercial flashes through the new bands launched on Tuesday and encourages people to “choose a model” and “try a band.” It was posted with the tagline, “New Apple Watch bands are here. Explore the possibilities,” Also, it should make my friend John Kheit sit back and blow bubbles of contentment until the cows come home. Or until this week’s episode of Pop.0, whichever comes first.

New Apple Watch bands are here. Explore the possibilities.

Posted by Apple on Tuesday, March 21, 2017