.Mac: Adjusting Your Storage Settings

Now that Apple has bumped up .Mac storage from 1GB to 10GB, we have a little more breathing room for files and email. To get the most out of that new storage space, however, youill want to adjust how much space is allocated to email and how much is allocated to data.

Hereis how:

  • Head over to the .Mac Web site with your browser.

  • Log into your .Mac account to change settings.
  • Click the Account button to log into your .Mac account settings.
  • Click the Storage Settings button.

  • Use Storage Settings to adjust email and iDisk space.
  • Use the .Mac Mail pop-up menu to set how much storage space is allocated to your email. The rest of the space is automatically assigned to your iDisk for file storage.

Setting email storage automatically adjusts iDisk storage, too.

You can set your email storage between 30MB and 9801MB -- the higher the number, the more email storage space you will have at the expense of iDisk storage. If you need more file storage space, assign less to your email. I set mine at 30MB so I have more room for pictures, shared files, and backups.

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