.Mac Available Through Resellers, Discounts Possible

When .Mac was introduced with its $99 yearly price tag, many MACWORLD EXPO attendees failed to notice that it would also be available through Apple Authorized Resellers. This method of purchasing .Mac has just recently become available. MacWarehouse is selling a one-year .Mac membership for a discounted price of $94.95. According to a report from our friends at Applelinks, Apple is doing more than just making the .Mac retail package available:

We understand from several sources freely accessible via MacSurfer and other indexes that Appleis reseller-only Web site is actively pushing .Mac as a profitable add-on. (We donit know really know retailer jargon, but we once learned from a shoe store salesman that high-profit items like laces and polish next to the register were known as "up-fronts." Same difference!) Resellers will be able to buy boxed versions of .Mac for a reported $70, allowing resale at a very nice profit indeed.

As of publishing time, TMO was unable to confirm the price resellers will pay for .Mac boxes. One should note, however, that the $49 "upgrade" from iTools is only available through Appleis online store. More information on Appleis Web services can be found at the .Mac homepage.