.Mac Members Get 300 Jam Pack Loops Free

Apple announced Thursday that .Mac members can download 300 free GarageBand loops. The 300 loops are samples from all three of Appleis Jam Packs, including the two new Jam Packs that Apple introduced on September 29th.

Jam Pack 2: Remix Tools contains remix tools to create dance-floor grooves with a complete set of beats, bass lines, synth hooks, and keyboard riffs. The package contains over 2000 prerecorded loops covering different styles and tempos.

Jam Pack 3: Rhythm Section is considered a drum and rhythm library with an array of drum kits, percussion, basses, guitars, and other essential instruments to create modern rock beats, country shuffles and pop grooves. The package has over 2000 loops. Foundation elements include more than 1000 loops of drum beats and fills and1000 more bass lines, guitar and keyboard riffs, and chord progressions.

Both Jam Packs added to the original Jam Pack that Apple released when GarageBand was first introduced. That package included new instruments, hundreds of loops, and more. Jam Pack 1is offerings were of a more general nature than numbers 2 and 3.

All of the loops that Apple is offering for free to .Mac members can be used with GarageBand, or in iMovie as soundtrack material.

You can find the loops in your Members Only folder inside your iDisk. For more information, log into .Mac and click on the .Mac Rocks information link.

Each of the Jam Packs are priced at US$99, but as part of the .Mac Rocks promotion, members can buy all three for US$198. If you want to buy them separately, Amazon is currently discounting them.

Amazon prices:

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