.Mac Offers New Holiday iCards From Members, More

.Mac members have something to cheer about this holiday season; there are new Holiday iCards available from .Mac. Whatis special about these cards is that all of the images come from other .Mac members. Donit expect crude drawings of reindeer, or poor photos of snow; these cards rival anything offered by professional illustrators and photographers, and they are all free to use. From Apple:

When we invited submissions for a special Members section of .Mac Holiday iCards, we expected to see some great images and we werenit disappointed. Now the time has come to applaud the creators of the 32 photos and illustrations selected this year. How? By sending their masterpieces to friends and family, of course -- a win, win, win situation if ever we saw one.

Thereis a new version of Virex available to .Mac members also. From Apple:

Virex 7.5.1 from McAfee adds important new automated features to help you protect against software viruses. It runs in the background and retrieves updates to protect against the latest threats, checks files as theyire saved to disk, and continuously scans your hard disk. It protects you constantly but only asks for your time when it finds something that calls for your attention. Virex is free to paid .Mac members and is available for download now.

.Mac is continuing to offer free GarageBand Jam Pack Lops to .Mac members as well.

For more information stop by Appleis .Mac Web site. .Mac members can also check their e-mail for the latest issue of Appleis .Mac Connection.