Pangea Offers iOS Games for Free: Update!

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Pangea Software, a long time Mac and iOS game developer, announce on Monday that all of its iPhone, iPod touch and iPad games will be free on the App Store for today (July 11, 2011) only. The free game offer is in celebration of their success on the iOS platform, highlighted by over US$7 million in sales since they’ve began making iOS apps in 2008. Pangea’s free games will be available between the hours of 8AM and 8PM CST.

Cro-Mag Rally

The games and their normal prices (in US dollars) are:
Enigmo - $2.99
Enigmo 2 -$2.99
Enigmo Deluxe -$2.99
Billy Frontier - $2.99
Bugdom 2 - $2.99
Cro-Mag Rally - $3.99
Antimatter - $0.99
Warheads - $0.99
Nanosaur 2 - $3.99
Otto Matic - $2.99
Quarters - $0.99

Most games are universal, meaning that they can be played natively on either iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

When the giveaway ends at 8PM CST the games will still be on sale for a very reasonable US$0.99.

“iOS and the App Store are the most important things to come along in the video game industry in a generation,” said Brian Greenstone, President of Pangea Software, “We’ve been very fortunate to have been a part of this, so to say ‘Thank You’ to all of our awesome customers we’re hosting the biggest giveaway the App Store has ever seen.”

Pangea also notes that they are working on major updates to many of their games for iOS 5 due to be released later this fall. No details are available yet, but the updates are said to be significant, especially regarding their two multiplayer networked games Nanosaur 2 and Cro-Mag Rally.


Update: Some of you may have notice that Quarters and Warheads are still listed as US$0.99 in the Apps Store. Pangea Software’s Brian Greenstone confirmed that customers should download the version labeled “Free”.  They are complete and the latest versions of each app. So, get Quarters - Free, and Warheads - Free.

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Dave Hamilton

For me only 9 are showing as free. Warheads and Quarters!! both show as $0.99 at the moment (and have for several hours).


There seems to be a Warheads! -Free and Quarters! -Free entry also.


As far as I can tell, “Warheads! -Free” is the iAd-supported version.  But it’s still “free” I guess. I already had that version installed and the App Store on my phone says “Installed” so it doesn’t look like they replaced the iAd one with the full one.

The Pixelated

I see the same thing, Dave. Argh!


When you discovered that two items in your list of “free” apps aren’t actually free, you really should’ve fixed the links in the list. Just spent a buck on something I don’t want.


Well, you didn’t have to click on the “buy” button.

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