15.4-inch MacBook May Be In Development

A larger 15.4-inch display MacBook may be on the way sometime during Appleis second quarter for 2007. DigiTimes reports that the new MacBook is intended to fill what some see as a gap between the current 13.3-inch model and the MacBook Pro.

Sources in Taiwan claim that the new model will be manufactured by Quanta Computer - the same company that produces the 15.4 and 17-inch MacBook Pro. The 13.3-inch MacBook is built by Asustek Computer. The selling price for the new format MacBook is expected to be only slightly higher than the current models thanks to the relatively low cost of the larger LCD panels.

DigiTimes regularly reports on leaked information about upcoming Apple products, but in many cases those devices never materialize. As always, take these types of reports with the usual grain of salt until an actual product hits store shelves.