15 Games Entered Into uDevGames Game Development Contest

We received a note from Carlos Camancho, the publisher of iDevGames.com, updating us on the status of uDevGame 2001. iDevGames.com is a great site dedicated to Mac game development, and uDevGame 2001 is their first contest. There have been 15 games entered into the contest, and itis not too late if you have your own game you would like to enter. From iDevGames.com:

There are 15 entries so far, with many more expected. Three developers have submitted their games so far. Gamers are encouraged to download and play the games. The final submission date for games is September 16th 2001. Public voting for these games will commence on September 19th 2001.

The entries page is updated on a regular basis and we encourage everyone to visit regularly and provide feedback to the developers for any games that they play.

You can help out with this contest by heading over to the site and checking out the entries. Not all of them are downloadable yet, but some of them are. You can find more information on the contest at iDevGames.comis Web site.