1Password Adds Watchtower Website Security Monitoring

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Agile Bits released 1Password 4.4 for the Mac on Wednesday with a new feature called Watchtower that can monitor websites for security vulnerabilities and alert you when you need to change login passwords. 1Password is a password management app that also stores other types of sensitive information, like bank account and credit card numbers, in a secure and encrypted database.

1Password 4 adds Watchtower website security monitoring1Password 4 adds Watchtower website security monitoring

Watchtower is off by default, so you'll need to pay a visit to 1Password's preferences to enable it. Once active, it downloads a database to cross reference against your logins and adds a red alert bar to entries for potential problem sites. Agile Bits says all checking is done through 1Password on your Mac, so no personal information is transmitted back to their servers.

The 4.4 update also improved conflict resolution during syncing, added Greek localization, fixed several bugs, and more.

1Password 4 is priced at US$49.99 and is available for download through the Mac App Store and at the Agile Bits website. The 4.4 update is free, as is the Watchtower service.

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Considering the security headache heartbleed has been, Watchtower is a very welcome addition to 1Password for the Mac.

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