1Password Pro 3 Adds iPad Interface

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1Password Pro 3.0 for the iPhone and iPad from Agile Solutions hit Apple’s App Store late on Monday. The update for the secure password and personal data management app added a new interface just for the iPad.

1Password Pro for iPad

1Password Pro 3.0 for iPad

The application lets users store and retrieve passwords and login information, can copy and paste user names and passwords into Web page fields, stores secure notes and credit card information, supports folders for organizing passwords and other sensitive data, can synchronize data via Wi-Fi with 1Password for the Mac, and more.

1Password Pro 3.0 is priced at US$14.99 and is a free upgrade for current app owners. It is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.

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Cultured Code with their $20 iPad app for Things (plus separate payments for iPhone and Mac) could learn a lot about how to keep their customer base happy by emulating the 1Password upgrade policy: Free upgrade for current app owners.


@ rowan: I don’t even mind paying a percentage of the app cost extra since the developers have more work for enhancing the iPhone app, if I currently own it. I am against paying the full amount, which is often going to be more than the iPhone version, for a companion app for the iPad.

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