200 Million Devices Running iOS 6, Fastest Apple Upgrade Ever

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iOS 6200 million devices are now running iOS 6, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, who said that it was the fastest upgrade ever. Apple released iOS 6 when it shipped iPhone 5 in September, and the notion that it's the fastest update ever runs contrary to the meme that users were sitting on the sidelines because of Apple Maps.

The number of devices running iOS 6 includes iPhone 5 and the newest iPod touch units that have sold since the launch, devices that can only run iOS 6. Apple sold some 5 million iPhone 5s during the opening weekend of sales, and Mr. Cook also announced that the company has sold 3 million iPod touch units since it was introduced.

Mr. Cook made the announcement during Tuesday's media event, where he is expected later to announce an iPad mini, and possibly an updated iPad.



Apple’s comment during the keynote was that they believe this to be the fastest software upgrade ever… in the entire industry, barring nothing. Does anyone have a challenge of that?


“200 devices are now running iOS 6…”

A whole 200, eh?  Doesn’t seem like a lot.

Bryan Chaffin

The perils of writing one story while listening to a keynote for other stories at the same time. Thanks, iJack. smile

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