24U FM Template Updated With FileMaker Pro 7 Support

24U Software has released an update for 24U FM Template, bringing it to version 2.0.1. 24U FM Template is a FileMaker Pro template project designed for creating FileMaker Pro plug-ins. The update features support for FileMaker Pro 7. According to 24U Software:

Today, 24U Software announces the immediate availability of 24U FM Template 2.0.1, the ultimate template for building FileMaker 7 native plug-ins. This version is an update to the copy distributed with FileMaker Developer 7. An update to version 1.1 for building FileMaker 4-6 plug-ins is also available.

What is 24U FM Template?

This product is a template project for developing FileMaker Pro external function plug-ins using the Metrowerks CodeWarrior integrated development environment. It is intended for beginning plug-in developers as well as for experienced developers who donit want to spend too much time configuring parts of the External Function Plug-In API, but want to concentrate on developing new functionality for FileMaker Pro.

  • 24U FM Template 2.0.1 for building FileMaker 7 native plug-ins
  • 24U FM Template 1.1 for building FileMaker 4-7 compatible plug-ins

You can find more information about the 24UFM Template update at the 24U Software Web site. 24U FM Template is available as freeware.